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ERGO Price Chart Update [ERG]

ERGO Price Update Today

The ERG price update as of now is $1.29. In the previous 24 hours, its trading volume was $861,603, and its value has increased by 1.26%. As of now, ERG's live market cap is $97,293,290, and it is ranked as the #404 on the Coincu. ERG has a circulating supply of 97,739,924 and a maximum supply of 97,739,924.

About ERGO

Introducing Ergo: A Revolutionary Blockchain Technology Ergo is an innovative blockchain technology that aims to transform the Proof of Work (POW) cryptocurrency landscape. The Ergo platform is dedicated to providing financial contract services on the blockchain, and it is powered by the ERG cryptocurrency and ErgoScript, an advanced scripting language specifically developed for the Ergo blockchain. Understanding the Inner Workings of Ergo Ergo leverages the user-friendly ErgoScript programming language to ensure the security of each Ergo token stored in smart contracts. ErgoScript provides a set of conditions that dictate how, when, and by whom the token can be used. This language relies on the Sigma protocol, a revolutionary technology that forms the basis for zero-knowledge proofs. Practically speaking, ErgoScript employs a sophisticated 3-layer verification mechanism known as the sigma (Σ) protocol to safeguard the coin contract. This process involves the exchange of messages and the generation of random challenges between verifiers. In addition, Ergo supports light nodes, which are blockchain software packages that don't require a complete copy of the blockchain or continuous operation. This makes Ergo highly adaptable and user-friendly, as it reduces the storage and computing requirements. ErgoScript is specifically designed to be an exceptional tool for code generation in decentralized finance. The coin contract is Turing complete, offering extensive capabilities while effectively mitigating the risk of spam attacks through its early estimation feature. Similar to Tezos (XTZ), Ergo (ERG) is a self-modifying blockchain that can be easily upgraded. Unlike other blockchains, Ergo does not impose a limit on the block size. Instead, it dynamically adjusts the size based on network demand, ensuring stable growth without sudden and excessive expansion. Embarking on the Future: Ergo's Roadmap Discover More About Ergo
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ERGO Markets
# Exchange Pair Price Volume Mkt Share Recommend
1 MEXC Global ERG/USDT $1.29 $290,316 33.69%
2 HTX Global ERG/USDT $1.29 $223,790 25.97%
3 KuCoin ERG/USDT $1.29 $170,948 19.84%
4 ERG/USDT $1.29 $44,239 5.13%
5 ERG/ETH $1.29 $9,985 1.16%
6 BitMart ERG/USDT $1.29 $5,202 0.6%
7 KuCoin ERG/BTC $1.29 $3,564 0.41%
8 Changelly PRO ERG/USDT $1.29 $66 0.01%
9 ProBit ERG/USDT $1.30 $32 0%
10 ProBit ERG/BTC $1.29 $20 0%
11 CoinEx ERG/USDT $1.29 $75,758 8.79%
12 TradeOgre ERG/USDT $1.29 $16,954 1.97%
13 CoinEx ERG/BTC $1.28 $10,074 1.17%
14 CoinEx ERG/USDC $1.29 $4,141 0.48%
15 TradeOgre ERG/BTC $1.24 $2,949 0.34%
16 Indodax ERG/IDR $1.24 $2,458 0.29%
17 XeggeX ERG/USDT $1.28 $1,070 0.12%
18 Vitex ERG/BTC $1.05 $326 0.04%
19 XeggeX ERG/BTC $1.28 $35 0%
20 Vitex ERG/VITE $0.5016 $4 0%
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