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Step App Price Chart Update [FITFI]

Step App Price Update Today

The FITFI price update as of now is $0.008270. In the previous 24 hours, its trading volume was $7,451,450, and its value has increased by 8.06%. As of now, FITFI's live market cap is $26,202,892, and it is ranked as the #600 on the Coincu. FITFI has a circulating supply of 5,000,000,000 and a maximum supply of 5,000,000,000.

About Step App

Step App: A Revolutionary Fitness-Focused Metaverse Development Project

Step App is a ground-breaking fitness-focused metaverse development project that centers around walking and running activities. This innovative application allows users to earn valuable in-game tokens by engaging in various sports activities. To become a part of this exciting platform, users must possess SNEAK NFT.

Step App Product Offerings:

  • Fitness metaverse: This unique feature combines NFT and digital avatars with workout routines, providing users with an immersive fitness experience.
  • NFT market: Users can conveniently buy and sell SNEAK tokens through the dedicated NFT market within the Step App.
  • Limited Drops: Step App offers exclusive limited edition SNEAK tokens through its Limited Drops feature, providing users with rare and valuable collectibles.

Step App's Key Features

1. Augmented Reality Enhancements

Step App incorporates augmented reality technology to enhance the user's metaverse experience. As users complete fitness quests, their in-game characters evolve, creating a dynamic and engaging environment.

2. Engaging Gamification Experience

Step App introduces player-to-player matches, allowing users to combine their fitness activities with social experiences. Whether at a local, regional, or global level, users can challenge others and enjoy a competitive yet fun aspect of the application.

3. Token Rewards for Achievement

Step App rewards users with tokens for completing various tasks and achieving their physical goals. This unique incentive system combines fitness with income opportunities, providing users with additional motivation to stay active and healthy.

The integration of social and monetization mechanisms within the Step App creates a well-balanced economy. By focusing on experiential consumption, the platform ensures that token issuance is offset by leisure spending, resulting in an elegant and sustainable ecosystem.

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Step App Markets
# Exchange Pair Price Volume Mkt Share Recommend
1 Bithumb FITFI/KRW $0.008796 $2,625,230 35.23%
2 HTX Global FITFI/USDT $0.008265 $1,400,579 18.8%
3 OKX FITFI/USDT $0.008251 $1,324,613 17.78%
4 MEXC Global FITFI/USDT $0.008269 $378,863 5.08%
5 FITFI/USDT $0.008296 $309,902 4.16%
6 DigiFinex FITFI/USDT $0.008255 $194,017 2.6%
7 KuCoin FITFI/USDT $0.008273 $164,728 2.21%
8 Bybit FITFI/USDT $0.008254 $133,020 1.79%
9 Bitget FITFI/USDT $0.008267 $72,743 0.98%
10 BitMart FITFI/USDT $0.008321 $68,279 0.92%
11 FITFI/USD $0.008277 $37,131 0.5%
12 MEXC Global FITFI/USDC $0.008308 $26,416 0.35%
13 FITFI/USDT $0.008263 $15,007 0.2%
14 FITFI/TRY $0.008408 $6,815 0.09%
15 CoinW FITFI/USDT $0.008301 $378,328 5.08%
16 LATOKEN FITFI/USDT $0.008314 $123,924 1.66%
17 Bibox FITFI/USDT $0.008342 $82,288 1.1%
18 BingX FITFI/USDT $0.008256 $67,959 0.91%
19 BYDFi FITFI/USDT $0.008250 $29,870 0.4%
20 CoinEx FITFI/USDT $0.008315 $11,738 0.16%
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