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OpenOcean Price Chart Update [OOE]

OpenOcean Price Update Today

The OOE price update as of now is $0.01331. In the previous 24 hours, its trading volume was $165,200, and its value has decreased by -1.21%. As of now, OOE's live market cap is $6,712,862, and it is ranked as the #3876 on the Coincu. OOE has a circulating supply of 1,000,000,000 and a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000.

About OpenOcean

A Breakthrough in Crypto Trading: OpenOcean's Full Aggregation Protocol

OpenOcean is an innovative protocol that revolutionizes the crypto trading landscape by merging liquidity from DeFi and CeFi markets, enabling seamless cross-chain swaps. By employing an intelligent routing algorithm, OpenOcean locates the most favorable prices from various DEXes and CEXes, offering traders low slippage and rapid settlement. Remarkably, this platform is completely free to use, with users only required to pay regular blockchain gas and exchange fees.

OpenOcean aggregates major exchanges across multiple chains, including Ethereum, Ethereum Layer 2, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, HECO, Ontology, and TRON. It stands as the first complete aggregator on Binance Smart Chain, TRON, Ethereum Layer 2, and Binance exchange. The platform consistently expands its coverage based on community needs.

Beyond swap aggregation, OpenOcean intends to incorporate derivatives, yields, lending, and insurance products. API and arbitrage tools are also available, empowering users to automate their trading strategies.

At its core, OpenOcean aspires to create a comprehensive aggregator that enhances capital efficiency and bridges the gap between fragmented DeFi and CeFi markets. Whether you are an individual investor or a large institution, OpenOcean aims to provide everyone with access to the best prices and the ability to apply their own investment strategies across various crypto asset classes.

OpenOcean is further complemented by its utility and governance token, OOE.

Exceptional Features of OpenOcean

What Sets OpenOcean Apart from the Rest?

OpenOcean distinguishes itself with a range of unique features and capabilities:

The Process Behind OpenOcean's Optimal Price Discovery

To guarantee superior trade execution, OpenOcean scours multiple DEXes and CEXes for prices and liquidity. The protocol then divides the order into different routes to achieve the most optimal trade.

With the proliferation of DEXes in the DeFi space, each platform operates with its separate pools and liquidity. This presents challenges in accessing the best prices and deep liquidity simultaneously. OpenOcean resolves this issue by sourcing, prioritizing, and optimizing liquidity routes across different DEXes, maximizing overall trade returns.

When making a trade on OpenOcean, the protocol follows these three steps:

  • Obtaining price quotations from DEXes and CEXes
  • Optimizing trading routes to attain the best price with minimal slippage
  • Communicating prices to the user and executing trades

Possibilities on OpenOcean

  • Perform swaps with the best market price and lowest slippage
  • Engage in arbitrage between DEXes and CEXes

Understanding the Fees on OpenOcean

OpenOcean adopts a transparent pricing mechanism and does not impose additional protocol transaction fees on DeFi users. However, fees are generated from various sources:

  • Institutional investors utilizing custom-made UI or API for investment strategies
  • PME (Primary Membership Edition) for seizing and executing arbitrage opportunities
  • Combined margin products
  • Intelligent wealth management services

Who Can Partake in Arbitrage Transactions on OpenOcean?

  • All DEX users
  • Users with accounts on both wallets and CEXes
  • Institutional investors and traders with arbitrage strategies, employing OpenOcean's tailor-made API and services
  • Users in pursuit of risk-free profits through holding specific tokens and capitalizing on arbitrage opportunities
  • New coin holders seeking arbitrage opportunities

Who Can Swap on OpenOcean?

Any user with a wallet can execute swap transactions on OpenOcean. The platform automatically discovers the best swap price and lowest slippage on the market. Users also have the option to choose a specific DEX for their swap.

What Sets OpenOcean Apart from Competitors?

  • Cross-chain support, facilitating seamless swaps between different public chains
  • Integration of DeFi and CeFi through trading aggregation
  • Aggregation of derivatives, lending, and insurance products
  • Comprehensive support for both DeFi and CeFi users, encompassing API and customized trading interface services

Experience the power of OpenOcean and begin trading at the most advantageous prices today!

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OpenOcean Markets
# Exchange Pair Price Volume Mkt Share Recommend
1 KuCoin OOE/USDT $0.01331 $59,160 35.81%
2 OOE/USDT $0.01331 $56,332 34.1%
3 MEXC Global OOE/USDT $0.01337 $23,598 14.28%
4 BitMart OOE/USDT $0.01320 $11,682 7.07%
5 OOE/ETH $0.01331 $10,390 6.29%
6 CoinEx OOE/USDT $0.01325 $3,979 2.41%
7 LATOKEN OOE/USDT $0.01325 $59 0.04%
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