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PARSIQ Price Chart Update [PRQ]

PARSIQ Price Update Today

The PRQ price update as of now is $0.07200. In the previous 24 hours, its trading volume was $305,568, and its value has increased by 2.70%. As of now, PRQ's live market cap is $21,408,505, and it is ranked as the #918 on the Coincu. PRQ has a circulating supply of 347,327,279 and a maximum supply of 347,327,279.


Introducing PARSIQ: A Groundbreaking Solution for Data Networks

PARSIQ is an advanced data network solution that specializes in creating backends for Web3 dApps and protocols. By enabling the processing of over 6,288,000,000 transactions per second, PARSIQ is revolutionizing the speed and accessibility of Web3 data retrieval.

The PARSIQ Roadmap: Pioneering Innovation

Discovering the Exceptional Characteristics of PARSIQ

  • Tsunami API: Instantly Access Real-Time and Historical Data
  • The Tsunami API allows you to effortlessly acquire the data you need, whether it's real-time or historical. By providing data queries up to the most recent block, PARSIQ ensures that you always have access to the latest information.

  • Data Lakes: Customizable Data Analysis at Your Fingertips
  • PARSIQ's Data Lakes offer a tailored solution for analyzing your desired data. Designed to meet your specific requirements, Data Lakes provide a comprehensive platform for accessing and analyzing the data that is most important to you.

  • Data Hubs: Uncovering Relevant Information with Ease
  • In contrast to traditional Web2 data storage solutions, PARSIQ's Data Hubs offer a unique approach to exploring and extracting relevant information related to events, blocks, function calls, and more. With Data Hubs, you can effortlessly extract valuable insights from the vast amount of available data.

  • SDKs: The All-in-One Solution
  • PARSIQ's SDKs combine the power of Tsunami, Data Lakes, and Data Hubs into one integrated solution. With PARSIQ handling the heavy lifting, you can relax and enjoy the seamless integration of these powerful tools.


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PARSIQ Markets
# Exchange Pair Price Volume Mkt Share Recommend
1 Coinbase Pro PRQ/USD $0.07140 $64,251 21.14%
2 OKX PRQ/USDT $0.07190 $48,475 15.95%
3 Exmo PRQ/USDT $0.07205 $42,967 14.13%
4 Exmo PRQ/BTC $0.07237 $37,287 12.27%
5 PRQ/USDT $0.07177 $34,890 11.48%
6 KuCoin PRQ/USDT $0.07226 $14,138 4.65%
7 Uniswap v2 (Ethereum) PRQ/WETH $0.07345 $11,026 3.63%
8 Uniswap v2 (Ethereum) WETH/PRQ $0.07265 $10,636 3.5%
9 PRQ/USD $0.07230 $5,679 1.87%
10 HTX Global PRQ/USDT $0.07100 $497 0.16%
11 MEXC Global PRQ/USDT $0.09225 $26,432 8.69%
12 XT.COM PRQ/USDT $0.07190 $16,987 5.59%
13 LATOKEN PRQ/USDT $0.07217 $8,720 2.87%
14 CoinEx PRQ/USDT $0.07210 $6,730 2.21%
15 BTSE PRQ/USDT $0.07200 $1,604 0.53%
16 BTSE PRQ/USDC $0.07210 $65 0.02%
17 BTSE PRQ/USD $0.07210 $40 0.01%
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