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RAMP Price Chart Update [RAMP]

RAMP Price Update Today

The RAMP price update as of now is $0.1410. In the previous 24 hours, its trading volume was $4,062, and its value has decreased by -3.36%. As of now, RAMP's live market cap is $46,315,202, and it is ranked as the #870 on the Coincu. RAMP has a circulating supply of 1,014,868,328 and a maximum supply of 1,014,868,328.

About RAMP

Introducing RAMP DEFI Protocol for Stablecoin Issuance The RAMP DEFI protocol, built on the Ethereum network, facilitates the creation of stablecoins backed by crypto assets. This includes both non-ERC20 and ERC20 stablecoins. By utilizing smart contracts, RAMP DEFI enables users to exchange these stablecoins in a permissionless, trustless, and transparent manner, eliminating the need for intermediaries. The Challenge of Ethereum Network Limitations However, RAMP DEFI's growth has been predominantly confined to the Ethereum network. This poses difficulties for users who hold crypto assets outside of the Ethereum ecosystem, as their participation in Ethereum-based DeFi is hindered. For these users, there are two options to engage with Ethereum-based DeFi. They can either inject fresh capital or exit their existing positions. However, these options are not always ideal. RAMP DEFI's Solution for Cross-Chain DeFi Here's where RAMP DEFI provides a solution. Let's say you have Token X worth $100 on Blockchain X. In the RAMP DEFI ecosystem, you can lock this Token X worth $100 as collateral and mint xUSD stablecoin. Each xUSD has a value equivalent to $1 and remains on Blockchain X. To address the volatility of crypto assets, you can only mint $50 xUSD by mortgaging $100 worth of Token X. Through RenVM, the xUSD stablecoin can be exchanged for ERC20 rUSD. This rUSD can then function as collateral to borrow eUSD. With eUSD in hand, you can unwrap popular stablecoins like USDT, USDC, DAI, and TUSD, enabling your participation in major DeFi projects including Uniswap, Maker DAO, SNX, and more. The RAMP DEFI Ecosystem Components The rMint and rStake Modules rMint accepts non-ERC20 crypto assets and mints rUSD stablecoin. By staking rUSD in rStake, users can earn rewards or deposit it into rFinance for lending or borrowing purposes. The eMint and eFarm Modules eMint utilizes ERC20 stablecoins to mint eUSD. Users can send their eUSD to eFarm, engaging in yield farming pools and receiving RAMP Tokens as rewards. Alternatively, eUSD can be sent to rFinance for lending or borrowing. The rFinance Module rFinance functions as a lending and borrowing platform for holders of rUSD and eUSD to freely interact with one another. The rPool Module rPool serves as the central hub for storing and distributing value within the RAMP DEFI ecosystem, benefiting RAMP token holders. The rSwap Module rSwap allows users to seamlessly swap between ERC20 and non-ERC20 tokens. RAMP DEFI Roadmap for the Future
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RAMP Markets
# Exchange Pair Price Volume Mkt Share Recommend
1 Uniswap v2 (Ethereum) RAMP/WETH $0.1410 $2,031 50%
2 Uniswap v2 (Ethereum) WETH/RAMP $0.1410 $2,031 50%
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