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Symbol Price Chart Update [XYM]

Symbol Price Update Today

The XYM price update as of now is $0.02463. In the previous 24 hours, its trading volume was $635,534, and its value has increased by 6.99%. As of now, XYM's live market cap is $137,469,312, and it is ranked as the #337 on the Coincu. XYM has a circulating supply of 7,967,988,930 and a maximum supply of 7,967,988,930.

About Symbol

The Importance of Symbol in the Cultures of Korea and Japan The symbol plays a vital role in Korea and Japan, serving as a significant link between businesses, developers, and individual users on the public blockchain. Symbol (XYM) is a notable project and is often referred to as the "successor" of the NEM blockchain platform. Despite its recent launch in March 2021, it has already gained attention from the user community, investors, and businesses alike. Comprehending Symbol and Its Impact on Blockchain Technology Symbol (XYM) is a blockchain built on the foundations of NEM's technology platform. The main objective of this project is to streamline implementation processes and reduce costs. By incorporating blockchain technology into enterprises and developers, Symbol aims to create a more efficient and innovative business model. This platform fully supports various DeFi capabilities, including NFT and staking. Additionally, Symbol empowers users to create digital products such as signatures and stock shares. The creation of Symbol was led by a team of crypto enthusiasts, and it was officially launched in March 2021. It stands out as an exceptional product within the NEM ecosystem, alongside NEM Group, NEM Ventures, and NEM Trading. Noteworthy Aspects of Symbol The Objectives of the Project Symbol aims to overcome various limitations present in previous blockchain networks. It achieves this by introducing support for DeFi features, extensions, and programmability of smart contracts. These enhancements allow Symbol to operate more efficiently compared to its predecessors. Here are some specific issues that Symbol aims to address: - Overcoming technical integration barriers: Symbol provides businesses with secure APIs for integrating blockchain into their existing systems and processes. This technology allows for the deployment of public blockchains and facilitates decentralized data flows across multiple networks. - Expanding functionality and overcoming developer limitations: Symbol serves as a development ecosystem, offering extensive features that greatly support developers in creating powerful and effective Dapps. - Solving liquidity issues: Symbol effectively addresses liquidity problems caused by asset characteristics, such as price fluctuations or specific local regulations. Distinguishing Features of Symbol - POS+ consensus mechanism: Symbol implements a POS+ consensus mechanism, giving users a significant say in the project and the ability to confirm and create more blocks on the blockchain. - Fast network system: Symbol's network system powered by the XYM coin boasts impressive speed, with block processing times typically fluctuating within 60 seconds. Participants can enjoy substantial and continuous rewards, with greater holdings of XYM coins increasing their chances of receiving larger-scale rewards. - Open source nature: Symbol's formation mechanism, based on the combination of structural chains, supports both public and private forms of blockchain. This project offers outstanding features that other blockchain systems have yet to achieve, including reduced costs, high transparency, secure security, and maximum privacy. - Enhanced security: Symbol's network not only serves as a secure exchange platform but also incorporates advanced security features such as on-chain, multi-layer, and multi-signature accounts. These additional layers of security provide businesses with enhanced protection. For instance, a multi-signature account requires two security keys to complete transactions. - Developer tools: Symbol includes additional safety features to prevent human errors. It functions similarly to a spell checker, notifying developers of any detected errors while writing code. - NFT support: In addition to supporting businesses and developers in Dapp development, Symbol also facilitates the issuance, management, and utilization of NFTs. Read more: Click Here
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Symbol Markets
# Exchange Pair Price Volume Mkt Share Recommend
1 XYM/USDT $0.02469 $229,061 36.02%
2 MEXC Global XYM/USDT $0.02474 $173,235 27.24%
3 Bybit XYM/USDT $0.02445 $64,704 10.17%
4 KuCoin XYM/USDT $0.02451 $50,357 7.92%
5 Bitget XYM/USDT $0.02457 $32,696 5.14%
6 XYM/ETH $0.02468 $10,163 1.6%
7 KuCoin XYM/BTC $0.02470 $8,075 1.27%
8 ProBit XYM/USDT $0.02350 $101 0.02%
9 BingX XYM/USDT $0.02483 $48,611 7.64%
10 Bibox XYM/USDT $0.02330 $12,315 1.94%
11 CoinEx XYM/USDT $0.02457 $4,144 0.65%
12 CoinEx XYM/BTC $0.02447 $2,299 0.36%
13 Poloniex XYM/USDT $0.02416 $174 0.03%
14 Poloniex XYM/BTC $0.02554 $23 0%
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