eBay Ventures With Metaverse, Sends Out 3 Trademark Applications

The US e-commerce giant eBay announced it would “risk” metaverse after submitting three patent applications.

According to a filing filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on June 23, eBay registered protection for NFT-related products, exchanges, virtual goods markets, and online retail stores with physical and virtual reality goods.

An overview of the application shows that eBay aims to offer products like a website for users to interact with digital assets on the blockchain. The Company also plans to provide trading services related to NFT.

This is the next move of this e-commerce giant after announcing the acquisition of NFT KnownOrigin on June 22. Even so, the company’s shares have dropped 30% since the beginning of the year.

eBay has implemented NFT since May 2021, as well as the ability to issue crypto wallets and support crypto payments. Or more recently, eBay has joined forces with one of them to launch the NFT “Genesis” collection.

EBay’s rival Amazon has also shown an interest in metaverse through plans to upgrade the customer experience with Amazon View, providing customers with a way to lay out their homes in 3D. Amazon’s CEO in April also insisted on paving the way for NFT shortly.

Many organizations have received or are awaiting approval from the USPTO regarding the patent application list. The nominee is the famous rapper Snoop Dogg, the English Premier League (EPL), and the leading chocolate manufacturer Mars Inc… According to Finbold, the number of applications to the USPTO for trademark protection for NFT in the US alone has increased more than 400 times this year.

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