Invests $100 Million In FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona has just announced a strategic partnership with, today’s leading blockchain fan engagement platform.

The partnership includes a $100 million investment by Chiliz in Barca Studios to acquire 24.5% of the club’s NFT and metaverse development projects.

At the same time, this cooperation agreement will help develop the ability to build digital products, aiming for a more stable revenue stream in the long term.

Barca Studios will be able to leverage the blockchain technology development experience from to connect with fans, taking advantage of its scalability to the global fanbase. The BAR token will also be the key to developing an ecosystem based on Chilliz’s technology and the cooperation between and Barca Studios. has invested in La Liga football since 2019 has invested in La Liga football since 2019 and currently cooperates with 6 teams from this tournament. In addition, is also a platform that connects fans with 160 sports teams around the world, spanning a variety of sports such as basketball, rugby and both UFC and Formula 1 racing.

Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of said:

“Barca Studios can leverage our technology and experience to help expand our content strategy in the Web3 space to deliver a steady stream of revenue over the long term. We are happy with the role technology can play in building community.”

Last week, Barca also announced its first official NFT sale for a total of $693,000.

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