Charles Hoskinson Dismisses Criticism And Claims That 1.35.3 Code Has Been Tested For Months

Charles Hoskinson, a co-founder of Cardano, has addressed to critics who assert that the Vasil hard fork is hurried since a serious flaw was uncovered in version 1.35.2, which was intended to be utilized for the upgrade.

Hoskinson stated that the code has been carefully tested for months by everyone, including the network’s stake pool operators (SPOs). He also said that version 1.35.3, which was published earlier this week in response to the incident, fixed the vulnerability in 1.35.2.

Charles Hoskinson: retesting the 1.35.3 code won’t help developers

According to Hoskinson, the Cardano community may decide to delay Vasil’s release for a few months in order to test the code once again after “a dozen” previous tests. He countered, however, that developers of DApps who had been waiting for the upgrade for almost a year would not profit from retesting the code.

A few angry Cardano supporters instantly responded to Hoskinson. One user claimed that Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), the blockchain engineering and research firm that created Cardano, had been silent about the “catastrophic death” in 1.35.2 and that SPOs were being prompted to update to the most recent version out of the blue.

In response, Hoskinson argued that the business had not been quiet about it. He stated that the problem discovered on the testnet was the cause of 1.35.3 and added that respinning another testnet does nothing to address the vulnerability. Instead, it will just result in pointless delays, which would be detrimental to DApp developers.

Vasil will go live when?

A widely anticipated network upgrade called the Vasil hard fork is allegedly intended to improve Cardano’s usability and scalability while increasing the blockchain’s appeal to smart contracts and decentralized apps.

Due to vulnerabilities and other problems, the upgrade was initially scheduled to go live earlier this year but was repeatedly delayed. Vasil’s implementation date is still up in the air. Hoskinson pointed out that because Cardano is a decentralized blockchain, the nodes running the network would ultimately decide when to start the hard fork, not him.

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