Cardano Works Strong Before Vasil Hard Fork

According to Cardano’s weekly updates, it can be seen that the network’s performance has grown quite strongly before the day of Vasil. The total number of online transactions reached 50 million.

Immediately after Ethereum’s The Merge upgrade was successful, the attention of the community turned to Cardano with the Vasil hard fork that will take place next week.

The PreProduction environment will hard fork on the 19th, before the mainnet hard fork on the 22nd.

The new node v.1.35.3 currently mints over 95% of SPO blocks, with the leading DApp projects also on track for the upgrade. Exchange liquidity is around 55% and good progress continues to be made toward the targeted 80%.

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In a new Cardano update, Input Output Global (IOG) tweeted all the new and exciting developments that happened in the last week regarding the Vasil hardfork. The total number of transactions on the Cardano network reached 50 million. A similar increase occurs with the number of native tokens when it exceeds 6 million.

The announcement also updates the Daedalus team testing the new Trezor firmware. The team is adding more decimals in the sync message while syncing the blockchain.

In addition, the Marlowe team tested Marlowe’s Plutus validator in a mock test environment. They also implemented the trading balance and coin selection algorithm for Marlowe.

The ADA token has yet to make any breakthroughs. The price has slightly increased 1.15% in 24 hours and is trading at $0.4844.

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