Revolut Hacked Causing Information Of Over 50,000 Users To Be Revealed

Revolut experienced a social engineering attack that exposed 50,000 personal information. The company described the incident as a “highly targeted cyberattack” in which an “unauthorized third party” gained access to a small percentage of users’ personal data.

The hack was reported by Bleeping Computer, on the night of September 18, Revolut suffered a cyber attack that allowed an unauthorized third party to gain access to the personal information of tens of thousands of customers.

According to the share, someone inside the company headquarters got caught because of a scam. According to Revolut, social media hackers only had access to the data “for a short period of time“. And the breach only affected 0.16% of their customers.

“We immediately identified and isolated the attack to effectively limit its impact and have contacted those customers affected. Customers who have not received an email have not been impacted”

Revolut said with Bleeping Computer

Attackers have obtained 50.150 of people’s data and are trying to scam them. Plus, they may have taken control of Revolut’s website. Based on the information from Revolut, the agency said that the number of affected customers in the European Economic Area is 20,687, and just 379 Lithuanian citizens are potentially impacted by this incident.

The company’s banking license is registered in Lithuania, so Revolut reported the incident to that country’s State Data Protection Inspectorate. They are the ones that revealed that the attack was through social engineering. This company didn’t admit to that.

However, in a message to an affected customer, Revolut says that the type of compromised personal data varies for different customers. Card details, PINs, or passwords were not accessed. Revolut emphasizes that the intruder did not gain access to users’ funds.

“Our customers’ money is safe – as it has always been. All customers can continue to use their cards and accounts as normal,” 

In the early morning of September 19, the company responded quickly to the intrusion and significantly limited the risk to its customers, isolating the attack. As a precaution, this company has set up a dedicated team to monitor customer accounts, to ensure that both funds and data are safe.

Founded in 2015, Revolut is a fast-growing financial technology company that now provides banking, money management and investment services to clients worldwide.

Users should be “extremely wary” of any messages that ask for personal details or passwords. Revolut will not call customers about incidents and will never ask for sensitive information.

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