Anon Wallets Move 226 Billion Shiba Inu Just Hours Before SHIB Attained This Milestone

Two significant Shiba Inu transactions were carried out in the previous 24 hours, according to Twitter user @shibaplay_. Two lumps totaling just over 100 billion meme coins were shifted in these transfers.

In the meanwhile, this well-known cryptocurrency payment gateway has added SHIB to its prepaid cards that may be used to pay for Netflix access and to make purchases on the enormous Amazon marketplace.

226 million Shiba Inu are moved by whales

The source said that recent Shib transfers worth $1,221,947 and $1,049,707—equivalent to 121,829,226,162 and 104,656,752,200 meme coins—had been made. The next 200 billion SHIB tokens were distributed in three portions of 70, 70, and 60 billion coins.

These whales have been spreading their cryptocurrency wealth, according to Etherscan data. From these transfers, almost 120 billion SHIB were staked.

FCF Pay implemented SHIB for crypto cards

According to the FCF Pay cryptocurrency payment gateway’s Twitter account, they have added Shiba Inu to their lineup of prepaid debit cards today. Users could only top these cards with stablecoins before that.

The business previously announced on Twitter that customers could use their crypto debit card to access products and services on Amazon and Netflix. Now, SHIB fans can tip these two enormous figures using their preferred meme currency.

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