Kraken’s CSO Reveals Their Team Identified FTX Hacker

The CSO of Kraken Exchange, Nick Percoco, tweeted that the Kraken team now knows the user’s name who hacked FTX.
Kraken’s CSO Reveals Their Team Identified FTX Hacker

The story starts when Tobias Silver, the creator of, was praised by Dyma Budorin, the CEO and co-founder of, for his exhaustive examination of the FTX Tron accounts. Budorin came to the conclusion that an insider is responsible for (the FTX) rug pull or exit fraud due to the hacker’s incapacity.

Mario Nawfal, the founder and CEO of, tweeted that the hacker is probably an inexperienced insider.

FTX Hacker just funded his TRX wallet from the exchange, according to a well-known YouTuber and supporter of cryptocurrencies and NFT named Satoshi Stacker.

In response to Mario Nawfal, Nick Percoco said: “We know the identity of the user.”

Since the hacker utilized the exchange to dump the stolen funds, Kraken’s KYC (Know Your Customer) process was sufficient for the Kraken crew to be able to identify the hacker.

Continuing the incident of losing more than $600 million to hackers, it seems that FTX is facing more rumors while waiting for the Kraken team to verify the identity of the hacker.

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