VeChain’s Historic Upgrade Launches

The final phase of PoA 2.0, which seamlessly forks from the mainnet and gives VeChainThor “finality,” has been described by the VC Foundation as “a new era.”
VeChain's Historic Upgrade Launches

On November 17 at 8:10 a.m. UTC, the integration of finality with VIP-220, the last stage of “Proof of Authority 2.0” (POA2.0), became live at block height 13815000. The VeChain mainnet has also created the first finalized block, which is a significant development for the blockchain.

The team claimed that VeChain will now be able to offer the ideal platform for sustainability, both in terms of energy consumption and actual change.

VeChain’s scalability would enable it to cope with rising demand

VeChain's Historic Upgrade Launches

Prior to the groundbreaking POA 2.0 consensus mechanism upgrade, VIP-220 went live on the private testnet as of June, according to a VC announcement. The two popular consensus types (proof of stake and proof of work) are combined into VIP-220, which also eliminates their flaws.

PoA is a HotStuff-based Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT) probabilistic consensus that depends on authority masternodes (AM) that have their identities verified. The most recent authority proof also brings with it some significant modifications.

Along with other enhancements, the PoA 2.0 upgrade addresses trade-offs in the Nakamoto vs. BFT consensus. A data-quality guarantee with finality and a significantly increased level of security are anticipated for the VeChain blockchain.

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