NFT Platform Solana Metaplex Announced To Lay Off Employees

Ecological NFT platform Solana Metaplex announced the layoffs, but said the collapse of FTX did not directly affect its financial position.

Today, Stephen Hess, CEO of Metaplex, Solana eco-NFT platform, announced on Twitter that the company has laid off employees, but did not disclose the specific size of the layoffs.

“We made the difficult decision today to part ways with several members of the Metaplex Studios team,”

He said

However, he still asserted that the company’s financial position was not directly affected by the FTX crash, but the indirect impact on the market was huge and forced them to reconsider a more cautious approach in the future. future.

As previously reported, Metaplex announced in January of this year that it had completed a $46 million funding round.


Previously, the Solana Foundation had about $1 million on as of November 6, the time when FTX stopped withdrawing. This represents less than 1% of the Solana Foundation’s cash and cash equivalents, thus causing a negligible impact on the Solana Foundation. In addition, the fund does not deposit SOL on

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