6 Exciting Features Of App LuxWorld In The Real And Virtual World

LuxWorld is the Web3 Lifestyle App with NFT Gamification and interactive Social-Fi layout, exploring the amazing and exciting world in both real and virtual life. Social-Fi enables consumers to earn money by checking while traveling, minting NFT, purchasing NFT in the marketplace, and exchanging with other users on the site.
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Travel to earn

Exploring LuxWorld going outdoors, traveling, and checking in may earn tokens anytime and from any location.

With Travelers, the more locations you visit, the more tokens, and gifts you can earn.

With Check-in Node Owners, LuxWorld allows anyone in need to purchase check-in nodes NFTs. The more Travellers visit and check in at your location, the more tokens, gifts Owners can earn. By investing in the right deal, Check-in Node Owners can gain a lot of profit.

Users (Travellers and Check-in Node Owners) can earn a reward token LUX token or Diamonds from Lucky Box which can subsequently be exchanged for real-world fiat currencies.


The more frequently you check in, the more tokens you earn; the more you have, the more likely you will win expensive stuff.

Social-Fi Elements

Social-Fi has created a way of networking that maintains the privacy and safety of users and gives more freedom and benefits from decentralized social networks. 

In LuxWorld, users can profit by producing content based on their travel experiences, creating NFTs, and engaging in social activities with the community.

NFT Membership

LuxWorld creates a relationship between brands and customers through the NFT Membership mechanism while participating in Luxworld.

By joining LuxWorld, users will be able to obtain LuxWorld NFT Memberships. These are exclusive programs that employ NFTs as access keys to open a variety of services and prizes.

Blockchain technology will validate NFT ownership and give holders access to any member-exclusive benefits that may be available.

On-chain adNetwork

Provide a booking system with crypto and on-chain marketing solution for brands.

Web3 application

Use blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs to put power in the hands of users.

Travelers to be content creators, earning by creating travel content

  • Photo sharing
  • Review for tourism check-in Node 
  • Travel journey diary: Plans, itineraries, and expenses.

Users can tip for useful content. Pay for travel review and planning requests.

More to come

 Travelers – Travel in the metaverse, more and more to come.


LuxWorld aims to inspire sustainable development and connect the public to Web 3.0. It currently runs on ETH built on a few available parts based on SocialFi – a mix of social networking and finance used to develop decentralized social apps.

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