Helium’s IoT Coverage Soars With Amazon Sidewalk/Oxit Partnership

Key Points:

  • The Helium Foundation partners with Oxit to create the Oxtech Module to connect IoT devices to both Helium and Amazon Sidewalk networks.
  • The Oxtech Module aims to bring greater connectivity, benefiting the IoT industry, by connecting Helium’s macro, long-range coverage and Sidewalk’s micro, city coverage.
  • The Helium Foundation’s mission is to democratize access to connectivity for all, and with the Oxtech Module, they are one step closer to achieving this goal.
The Helium Foundation and Oxit have formed a partnership to develop Oxtech Module, a product that will enable Internet of Things (IoT) devices to connect to both the decentralized wireless network, Helium, and Amazon Sidewalk.
Heliums IoT Coverage Soars ith Amazon Sidewalk Oxit Partnership

Amazon Sidewalk is a novel low-power, nationwide network that harnesses Amazon devices, such as the Echo smart speaker, to create a series of mini mesh networks that will improve inter-device communication over long distances.

It is worth noting that Sidewalk is mostly prevalent in urban areas, where users rely on the availability of enough Amazon devices to maintain the data flow. Meanwhile, HNT provides more macro, long-range, large-scale coverage.

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The Oxtech Module is designed to merge the two networks, providing a more comprehensive connectivity solution, which will benefit the IoT industry. According to the press release, the module aims to bring greater connectivity to smart homes, smart cities, and other IoT applications, enabling them to communicate over longer ranges and meshing across multiple networks.

“Our mission at the Helium Foundation has always been to democratize access to connectivity for all,” said Abhay Kumar, chief executive officer at the Helium Foundation. “We recognize that we cannot do this alone, which is why we have partnered with Oxit to develop Oxtech Module, which will provide seamless connectivity to IoT devices across multiple networks.”

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