Crypto Lighthouse Report # 5: “Game of Thrones” between ecosystems

Crypto Lighthouse is a program organized by CoinCu with guests to discuss, analyze and convey the deepest and most current perspectives on the cryptocurrency market to the community. After 4 successful sharing sessions, Crypto Lighthouse # 5 is a lively discussion about blockchain ecosystems hot blow The current.

Crypto lighthouse # 5 are honored to be accompanied by special guests who are representatives, investors of prestigious cryptocurrency mutual funds and communities in Vietnam who:

  • sister Jenny Nguyen: COO CoinCu & Kyros Ventures – Representatives of CoinCu chat with the guests of the program
  • sister Riley Tran: Co-Founder of GFS, Country Director of NEAR Protocol – Representative of the Ecosystem NEAR
  • Brothers Vinh The Nguyenn: Co-Founder, CEO Coin98 Finance – Representative of the ecosystem Solana
  • Brothers Vu Tran: Admin Crypto Instant Noodles Community – represents the ecosystem Polygon

CoinCu expressly shared details about these guests here.

The “real” guests of Crypto Lighthouse # 5

Comments on the current sharp decline in the market

Before addressing the questions about the DeFi ecosystem, the livestream begins with the guests’ view of the general context of the current market. According to the guests 2 times The big slump in the market in a short time Was it the past Bad sign, or just one attitude healthy after growing too fast?

Sister Riley

The cryptocurrency market has grown for a long time since March 2020 without a deep correction. Although many communities and analysts had warned in advance of the mid-June decline, many investors didn’t have time to “exit,” which led to it Halter-reluctant.

In addition, a number of FUDs from China rocked the market.

However, with on-chain monitoring, Ms. Riley sees that the cash flow has not escaped much and is still flowing into the market. She assumes that the market will continue to develop in the future.

Hence, it is only a temporary adjustment to prepare for the next uptrend.

Mr. Vu

Short term Sell ​​Panic (Sale) is normal. But Mr. Vu predicted next 6 months the market will be “hot” again, thanks to EIP-1559, thanks to Binance NFT, …

A number of big companies are pouring money into the crypto market, there is no reason why the market will fall as deep as it did in 2018.

MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin DCA Strategy. Source: Cyrus Ventures

His fame

According to Vinh, Coin98 issued an early warning of this situation. I have such a projection in May Pay off (Withdraw money from the market) and start depositing money back now.

The end of this year (2021) or early 2021 is the culmination of this bull run.

Strengths and weaknesses of near, solana, polygon ecosystems

Near protocol (NEAR)

After you Riley, GFS decided to become a strategic partner of Near Protocol because là Business model (Business model) from Near.

in addition, Mass adoption (widely accepted) is what all blockchains are about. That is also Nears ultimate goal. The near system focuses on simplifying the user experience with familiar and easy-to-use products such as those found in traditional finance (CeFi). From there, attract the unknown crypto community to join the field.

In terms of programmers (dev), Near attracts both professional developers and a toolkit for developers who are not too specialized in blockchain. To attract more developers, more DApps are being developed and the ecosystem is expanding.

NEAR goes slowly but surely, only after it has been made public is it not a “rolling” style like other systems. Therefore, NEAR will expand extremely quickly later on.

Solana (SOL)

The reason Coin98 Ventures set up a $ 5 million investment fund to support projects on Solana is because, unlike Ethereum or Near, Solana has a completely different blockchain architecture than other blockchains.

CoinCu compares the two structures between Solana and Ethereum and explains this in detail in the article DeFi 101 – Everything about the decentralized financial ecosystem.

The structure of Solana and Ethereum is completely different

Follow me Vinh, the main difficulty is that developers are familiar with the old architecture, have to learn from the start. Solana developer documentation is limited. That’s a huge obstacle, a huge barrier that is making it impossible for the Solana ecosystem to explode as much as the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Solana has a strategy of covering all aspects of the ecosystem, but the quality and quantity of the projects are still not comparable to BSC.

The Solana architecture has a very high scalability, so it has great potential in the near future.

In terms of investment, the price of the SOL token rose from $ 1 to a high of $ 60. Even SOL held the price very well during this correction, rising to all-time highs despite the subdued market.

The SOL price has always recovered impressively after corrections. Source: Kyros Ventures

Polygon (MATIC)

Follow me Vu, he and the Crypto Instant Noodles community are focusing on Polygon because MATIC has crossed the stage Downward trend of the market has been developing for a long time. In February 2021, Matic changed its strategy from a layer 2 solution Layer 2 aggregator – Combine Layer 2 together.

Since then, Polygon has attracted many large DeFi partners such as AAVE, Compound, etc. Since then, the number of Polygon (MATIC) users has risen to 75,000 as DeFi continued to explode on the platform.

Polygon as the Thu Duc satellite city of Ho Chi Minh City. On Polygon there is everything that “people” need such as infrastructure, light, electricity, roads, bridges, markets, banks, etc.

The current polygon ecosystem. Source: Kyros Ventures

Investment strategy in the DeFi. Segment

Which product lines and groups (Lending, AMM, Oracle etc.) have the potential to “take off”?

After you Riley, no product is more important than another, no project has more potential than another. DeFi is better than CeFi because it is transparent, decentralized, without permission.

Lending, AMM, Oracle, .. are all indispensable parts of DeFi.

Brothers Vinh Additional comments are:

We – the users – enter the market for profit. Likewise the project.

The puzzle piece that generates the most profit is developed first.

I still follow you VuInvestors shouldn’t ignore an ecosystem. The rapidly evolving system is highly focused but still spends time observing and learning about other systems and projects.

How do you rate a project?

To evaluate the project, woman Riley Take NEAR for example.

  1. Think about it first Business model and development team.
  2. Then Market capitalization (Market capitalization) like (larger market capitalization – less potential).
  3. How is the project financed? Is there enough funding for the project to survive the crypto winter?
  4. Ecosystem, large or small user base?
  5. Next up is the review Timetable (Route), partner (Partner), token model, etc.
  6. The project’s community is also an important factor.
  7. Finally, evaluate the competitors.

What about your project evaluation principles? Vinh was:

  1. Above all, benefit.
  2. Scam team or real?
  3. How scalable is the project?
  4. Token Growth ROI, Token Valuation?
The live stream from Crypto Lighthouse # 5 received a lot of attention from the community

How do you distribute capital?

Brothers Vinh Recommended ways to allocate capital as follows:

  • allocation little capital in projects that high risk.
  • allocation a lot of capital in safer projects, low risk.

Brothers Vu recommend that those watching the Crypto Lighthouse # 5 livestream should only use profits to invest in the project. If unfortunate project rugpull, chop, .. then I only lose a small profit, not the whole capital.

Personal investment strategy and mindset

Follow me Vinh, Investors should break their eggs into many baskets – surf trading capital, IDO capital, making waves, holding stablecoins to hit the bottom, etc. Depending on your personal financial situation, you should have a sound strategy in place.

With my sister RileyNo investment channel is 100% secure and risk-free. Our goal has always been:

Maximize profit + minimize risk.

After all you are Vu share “2 word decisions” which he always obeys:

  1. Read much
  2. The market is constantly changing

From then on he thought:

  • Learn from successful people
  • Invest in yourself


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