NounsDAO Unleashes Fork Page, Empowering Supporters to Claim DAO Treasury Shares

Key Points:

  • NounsDAO’s official website introduces a fork site, allowing community members to take part in a groundbreaking fork and divide the DAO treasury.
  • The success of the fork hinges on garnering support from 20% of NFT Nouns holders, with 265 Nouns already on board.
  • With just 5 days, 16 hours, and 50 minutes left, discover how this Web3 community’s future hangs in the balance.
NounsDAO has taken a significant step by launching a dedicated fork site on its official platform.
NounsDAO Unleashes Fork Page, Empowering Supporters to Claim DAO Treasury Shares

This move opens up new opportunities for community members to actively engage and participate in the governance of the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

The fork site is designed to facilitate and streamline the process for community members who wish to support and partake in the fork. Community members who choose to endorse the fork during the designated support period will have the unique chance to play a direct role in shaping the future of NounsDAO.

The fork support period spans one week, providing ample time for interested parties to join the movement. Notably, this support period has captured the attention of NFT Nouns holders, with the goal of achieving critical mass.

NounsDAO Unleashes Fork Page, Empowering Supporters to Claim DAO Treasury Shares

The key threshold for the fork to proceed hinges on the support of 20% of NFT Nouns holders. Should this quorum be met, backers will execute the fork, resulting in a separation from the primary NounsDAO. Subsequently, ETH from the project pool will be proportionally distributed to those participating in the fork.

As of the latest update, 265 Nouns have already pledged their support for the fork, signifying significant community interest and engagement. Importantly, there are still five days, sixteen hours, and fifty minutes remaining in the support window, providing additional time for community members to make their voices heard.

This move by NounsDAO underscores the power of decentralized governance and community-driven decision-making within the Web3 ecosystem. By actively involving community members in the governance process and incentivizing their participation, NounsDAO aims to further enhance its decentralization and inclusivity.

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