OKLink Launches On-Chain AML Services For Enhanced Virtual Asset Compliance

Key Points:

  • OKLink Cloud Chain Holdings has launched OKLink Onchain AML, an on-chain anti-money laundering service that uses “tags” to identify and track risky blockchain addresses and activities, enhancing compliance and security in the virtual asset industry.
  • This release complements OKLink’s suite of tools and services, reinforcing their commitment to building a safer and more compliant environment for cryptocurrency transactions in the face of increasing regulatory scrutiny.
OKLink officially releases on-chain AML services to continue empowering virtual asset compliance and risk detection.
OKLink Launches On-Chain AML Services For Enhanced Virtual Asset Compliance

On September 11, OKLink Cloud Chain Holdings, a prominent blockchain technology company, took a significant step forward in the realm of virtual asset compliance and risk management by officially introducing its multi-functional on-chain anti-money laundering (AML) service – OKLink On-chain AML. 

The OKLink On-chain AML service is designed to bolster compliance efforts within the blockchain space by attaching unique identifiers, referred to as “tags,” to blockchain addresses. These tags are instrumental in effectively detecting and identifying risky contracts, addresses, tokens, and illicit activities. Users of the service will now have the capability to distinguish between various entities, including exchanges, MEV (Miner Extractable Value) robots, smart contracts, hackers, and crypto whales, among others.

What sets OKLink On-chain AML apart is its seamless integration of tag data with on-chain data analysis. This synergy enhances its ability to provide automated and continuous transaction screening and tracking, thereby significantly improving the detection and prevention of illicit financial activities within the virtual asset ecosystem. Moreover, users have the flexibility to customize the AML platform to align with specific compliance procedures, risk management policies, or other regulatory requirements.

In addition to OKLink Onchain AML, OKLink Cloud Chain Holdings offers a range of valuable tools and services to foster compliance and security in the virtual asset industry. This includes the Web3 data analysis platform blockchain browser and Chaintelligence data tool, both of which are dedicated to on-chain investigations.

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