Lianchuang’s Inspiring Israel Trip Spurs Successful Fundraising for Digital Asset Aid

Key Points:

  • Messari’s Ryan Selkis and Digital Asset’s Yuval Rooz fly to Israel after Hamas attack.
  • Selkis and Rooz raise funds for aid in the crisis, promoting crypto-driven support.
  • The duo’s on-ground presence exemplifies compassion and solidarity in digital asset aid.
Messari founder Ryan Selkis and Digital Asset co-founder and CEO Yuval Rooz swiftly took action for digital asset aid, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to humanitarian relief efforts.
Lianchuang Inspiring Israel Trip Spurs Successful Fundraising for Digital Asset Aid

The dynamic duo embarked on a mission to Israel immediately after the tragic event, with a two-fold purpose: raising essential funds for digital asset aid and personally lending their support on the ground.

The conflict in the Middle East has left countless individuals and families grappling with the aftermath, in desperate need of assistance. Ryan Selkis, renowned for his expertise in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency through his role at Messari, saw an opportunity to leverage his influence for a noble cause. His involvement in the crisis transcended mere philanthropy, as he chose to be physically present in the affected areas, forging a powerful connection with the people in dire straits.

Selkis and Rooz’s Crypto-Driven Initiative


Yuval Rooz, co-founder and CEO of Digital Asset, joined forces with Selkis in this humanitarian endeavor. His dedication and leadership have been instrumental in driving the relief efforts forward, and his presence on the ground has been a source of inspiration and encouragement for the local population.

The fundraising campaign initiated by Selkis and Rooz has garnered worldwide attention and support. Their hands-on approach has not only facilitated efficient aid distribution but has also served as a beacon of hope and unity during trying times. Their actions underscore the profound impact that individuals and businesses can have when they come together for a greater good in the realm of digital asset aid.

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