Review ASPO World ($ASPO) – – Embark on the journey to become the King Of Sorceress

ASPO World opens up world-class 3D graphics with a character system designed in the Japanese chibi style that is very eye-catching and attractive to players, new skills, and countering each other with tactics through different systems. Diverse generals combined with a plot that closely follows the manga/anime Shaman King. ASPO World is expected to compete with all existing NFTs games on the world right now and ASPO tokens will play the same role as “AXS” in “Axie Infinity”. Read the article completely to understand more about it.

Concept project – What is ASPO World?

ASPO World is a tactics-driven mind game among players built specifically on the blockchain platform, backed by a top-notch and experienced game producer in Asia. Players can interact within a vast and fascinating world while being able to make money from the battles against their other players.

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On the other hand, ASPO World is cooperating with GameFi to launch an exclusive $ASPO Token Airdrop worth $5000. Complete all tasks for maximum entries for a higher chance of winning.

Outstanding features

What is the project trying to achieve?

  • Create place a future where work and entertainment become one.
  • empowering players and giving them economic opportunities. 
  • Above all, we have a dream to change the world.

What is unique selling point?

Coming to ASPO World, players can select one of three classes: Hunter, Fighter, or Marksman to embark on their journey to become the King Of Sorcerers. By going through battles, gaining experience, and upping level, players can unlock something we call “class transition”. From the basic classes, players will have 2 different choices based on their chosen class.

ASPO World builds a rich game mode, which is divided into 3 main groups including:

  • Campaign mode: Also known as Story mode. Players will receive a large reward of ASO tokens corresponding to each plot chapter.
  • Operation Mode: Includes many different types of challenges such as Training, Equipment Supplement, Patrol, Campaign, etc. The rewards for completing activities will include a lot of resources, equipment, and items. upgrade products…
  • Competition mode: Includes 4 main forms: Match, Ranked, Duel, Fair Play. However, according to each type of arena, the scoring method, ranking rules, and rewards will be different.


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Technical data

ASPO is an BEP-20 governance token for ASPO World. ASPO holders will be able to claim rewards if they stake their tokens, play games, and participate in important governance votes.

Key metrics 

  • Token name: ASPO Shards
  • Ticker: ASPO
  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
  • Token standard: BEP-20
  • Contract: Updating…
  • Token type: Governance
  • Total supply:  500.000.000
  • Circulating supply: Updating…

Token allocation

Token use case

  • ASPOes are used to convert weapons and trade NFT items on Marketplace
  • Tie up offers between game players and developers in new and exciting ways.
  • Reward players who interact with ASPO World while also incentivizing them to retain their tokens so they can get more rewards. 
  • We also decentralize ownership and administration of ASPO World.

Token sale

  • Token Swap Time: 07:45 PM, 07 November 2021 (GMT+07:00)
  • Type: Claimable
  • Pre-order Start Time: TBA
  • Token Claim Time: 9:30 PM, 07 November 2021
  • Total Raise: 2,000 $
  • Link:

How to own the token?

Players able to earn ASPO as they play various games within the ASPO Universe and through user-generated content.

Markets and Community


ASPO World has crossed the mark of 24,000 Followers on Twitter.

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Team/ Founders

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Conclusion and analysis

ASPO World owns bright graphics and creates a chibi character with a manga/anime character. Sticking to the original content with a diverse and familiar character system, the ASPO World game brings a new playground where talented magicians can freely demonstrate their spiritual energy control skills. In addition, players will be immersed in exciting and thrilling battles and battles.

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If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or ideas about the project, please email [email protected].


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