Review AcknoLedger ($ACK) – Gateway to Web 3.0 Metaverses and Gaming NFTs

Recognizing the importance of the surging NFT and blockchain gaming market, AcknoLedger is launching with a focus on further expanding the Game and Metaverse NFT landscape. The platform is also looking to realize the potential of new use cases, monetization, and various other functions and opportunities for NFTs, with the goal of bringing 1000x new users to the space.

Concept Project – What is AcknoLedger?

AcknoLedger is the gateway to Web 3.0 Metaverse and Gaming NFTs. AcknoLedger aggregates all the Digital Assets across Gaming, Metaverse, and NFT platforms. AcknoLedger introduced UCNS (Universal Content Numbering Scheme), which is the World’s first decentralized nomenclature of NFTs that will help in interoperability across Metaverses. UCNS system will enable people to buy NFTs not only on hype but based on utility, scarcity, social proof, and many other features. UCNS will be an excellent source to discover arbitrage and trading opportunities of NFTs across Metaverses.

What is AcknoLedger ($ACK)? Gateway to Web 3.0 Metaverses and Gaming NFTs

Outstanding Features

What is the project trying to achieve?

AcknoLedger envisions itself as a global consortium and the gateway for Web 3.0 metaverse NFTs, gaming NFTs, and other digital assets. The goal is to map, monetize and distribute NFTs seamlessly across all metaverses and gaming platforms.


AcknoLedger aspires to be a Global Consortium that both public and private sectors can utilize to claim and verify the content ownership and Intellectual Property rights as NFTs. AcknoLedger is working on a Universal Content Numbering Scheme (UCNS) which will be a decentralized unique identifier for any content validated by the ACK validation pool. UCNS will be compatible with the likes of ISBN, ISSN, ISRC, and DOI


AcknoLedger’s long-term goal is to build a universal digital assets repository and deploy the UCNS Standard to support all NFT platforms. This includes gaming and Metaverse NFTs, content (including music, art, etc.), copyright and patent IP, scientific research, market research, e-sports, and enterprise.

What is unique selling point?

Ackno API will consist of UCNS and Ackno plagiarism engine that will be used by NFT platforms, NFT Marketplaces, Metaverses, and Digital Universes UCNS will adopt a decentralized approach to provide a unique identifier for any content that is validated across Metaverses and NFT platforms AcknoLedger will collaborate with the current NFT and Metaverse Ecosystem Partners to deploy UCNS solutions to their existing Digital Assets


The AcknoLedger API and infrastructure will consist of the platform’s UCNS and the Ackno plagiarism engine while boasting the following distinguishing features:

  • Interoperability checks of NFT assets.
  • Lifecycle tracking and plagiarism checks.
  • Utility, scarcity, social proof and various other features tracking through UCNS.
  • Identifying new revenue streams and monetizing NFTs for collectors through arbitrage opportunities, trending NFTs, brand and content marketing, etc.

Road Map


AcknoLedger is mapping further growth and expansion in the future, including more partnerships with fintech companies, which is projected for 2022. AcknoLedger has proven that metaverses and gaming NFTs are the waves of the future. Metaverses and gaming have been intertwined since the start but the metaverse is much more than just a game. The industry is huge and will expand for a very long time. One driving factor is that several traditional banks are supporters and adopters of the technology.

Technical Data

The $ACK token is the economic life force in the AcknoLedger ecosystem and is used for all payments and transactions on the platform.

Key Metrics

  • Name: $ACK
  • Token Type: ERC-20 — BEP-20
  • Total Supply: 117,718,487
  • Decimals: 18
  • Initial Mcap: $557.6K
  • Hard Cap: $1.8m
  • Allocation: 200K $ (Including success fee)
  • Role of Token: Utiliy
  • Contract: 0xf7b5fb4607abfe0ecf332c23cbdcc9e425b443a8

Token Allocation

  • Token Distribution: Date UTC
  • Min Allocation: 0.01 BUSD
  • Max Allocation: TBA
  •  $10,000 to 50 winners (*)

*To participate in the $ACK Competition, each participant needs to increase their score to be able to win and get a chance to get the allocation of #ACK tokens at a Private Round sale with a value worth $200/ winners this will be a $10,000 allocation to 50 winners.*


Token Sale

IDO Date: October 27, 2021

$1,530,000 OF $1,800,000 (85%)

  • Available for Token Sale: 2,000,000 (1,7% ACK)
  • Accept: BUSD
  • Token Price: 1 BUSD = 10 ACK
  • IDO Price: $0.10
  • Listing price: $0.10
  • Access Type: Public
  • Public Sale Vesting Period: 33.33% at TGE, then 33.33% each month for the following 2 months
  • Token Sale Format: Lottery

Token release Schedule

Token Use Case

  • Participate in UCNS governance
  • Promotions of projectsNFT and Content airdrops
  • Listing NFTs on UCNS
  • Accessing premium features of UCNS
  • Yield-farming
  • Staking rewards

How to own the token?

Buy ACK Tokens at IDO on Seedify launchpad

IGO Day Guide

  1. Go to:
  2. Connect your wallet to Seedify launchpad. (Metamask or WalletConnect)
  3. Choose the pool of the project that will be “Initial Game Offer”
  4. Click on the “Buy Tokens” button on the opened page
  5. Choose your tier and buy tokens at the specified amount maximum, it can be less as well.
  6. You have completed your IGO buy.
  7. Your tokens will be sent to your wallet after dex listing according to the vesting schedule.

Investors can refer to ACK’s token sale or launchpad information at BSC or CoinMarketCap

In summary: Blockchain game projects can realize the initial offerings of their tokens on the Seedify platform. This enables blockchain game project owners to enjoy the advantages of the Seedify platform, while investors are able to access and invest in projects without any middleman.

Market and Community


They market and distribute the content across multiple metaverses by tracking and mapping interoperability, and exploring trading opportunities for institutional and retail investors.

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AcknoLedger will collaborate with Universities, Government bodies, Publishing & Media Houses, Research & Tech Organizations as well as Individual Contributors to curate the content and monetize it in such a way that every contributing member is duly rewarded.


Chat Rooms

AcknoLedger Announcement

AcknoLedger Community

Additional Links:



Number of team members: 12



Review AcknoLedger ($ACK) - Gateway to Web 3.0 Metaverses and Gaming NFTs 18

Partners And Investors

Conclusion and analysis:

AcknoLedger has backed the idea of being a global consortium in the metaverse space by partnering with the most reputed VCs and investment funds in the fintech space. AcknoLedger’s VCs are the leading global investment funds focused on supporting cutting-edge blockchain startups. AcknoLedger indexes all the NFTs across all the gaming, metaverses, and NFT marketplaces so that NFT collectors can leverage the insights for informed decision-making. AcknoLedger’s technology solutions promise to bring new and useful things to the very popular Metaverse universe.

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If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or ideas about the project, please email [email protected].


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