Cardano has successfully implemented the first Alonzo test network

According to the notification On May 27th from Input Output Hong Kong, Cardano successfully implemented the first Alonzo test network.

The fourth largest blockchain is making significant strides in introducing Plutus Smart Contracts, which will enable the use of a wide variety of decentralized financial applications.

The Alonzo Blue test network will initially be available to a limited number of stake pool operators, members of the Plutus pioneer program and some partners.

IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson stated that the hard fork will be activated on the mainnet in about three months, but also urged the community to meet their expectations.

According to Alonzo’s update deployment plan, available During the last Cardano 360 event, the smart contracts will be fully introduced around September.

Cardano Alonzo test network 2

This is preceded by several discontinuous periods. With Alonzo White, Cardano will bring in further partners and carry out performance benchmarks.

Once white turns purple, the testnet will be fully public, meaning all Plutus and SPO pioneers can participate.

After a few smaller phases, Cardano will be “very close” to its Hard Fork (HFC) event.


According to AZCoin News

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