Kain Warwick: Several new smart contract blockchains are now rivals to Ethereum

Synthetix derivatives liquidity protocol founder Kain Warwick believes a number of new smart contract blockchains are now rivals to Ethereum.

Cain Warwick Ethereum

Kain Warwick – Founder of Synthetix

In a recent interview with UpOnly, Warwick said the pace of development of Ethereum has allowed competitors to join the fight.

“We have now created real competitors who pose a threat to the Ethereum ecosystem. And we have to tackle that as a community. We have to be pragmatic in everything and we need practical solutions that work now …

When you say, “Well, we’re waiting for a perfect solution. We’re not going into that. We’ll keep doing what we do until we come up with something great, don’t compromise and solve all problems, others will follow. “

On the other hand, the Synthetix founder pointed out that scaling solutions like Arbitrum and Polygon increase the competitiveness of Ethereum compared to blockchains like Solana (SOL) and Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

“I think we’re getting close to that. Arbitrum is coming, we have Polygon … there are things in the Ethereum ecosystem that are starting to work that you know offset the Solana and BSC value proposition.

But we have to do a lot to free them. And if we had done these things sooner, we might not have a lot to share. “


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