Real Realm ($REAL)- “Real – Battle” in Metaverse

Real Realm is a popular war strategy game with millions of players. Recognizing the great potential in the realm of blockchain, Real Realm has been integrated and expanded, with the goal of becoming a revolutionary blockchain-based game that organically uses Free-to-play and Play-to-enjoy principles using unique algorithms. When they join the game, they will have numerous possibilities to collect, create, and build a land-based kingdom for their NFT heroes, the Mies.

Their diverse Mies, Events, and Battle modes system assures that each Mie has its own particular features and that the entire structure is the best balanced as “pioneers get the most” but also “leave no one behind.” All transactions and Mies data are tracked and supervised by reputable third parties, ensuring that all transactions and activities in the Real Realm world are public and secure.

Real Realm
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Real Realm is a free-to-play blockchain-based war strategy game in which users may recruit, lend, summon, evolve, team up, and most importantly co-op their great NFT heroes- the Mies- into the never-ending conflicts. Each Mie has its own set of features, elements, predetermined missions, and storylines. Players can emerge in Real Realm Metaverse to enjoy the wonderful game while earning significant benefits thanks to the vast collection of NFTs, unique game features, multiple battle styles, and Tournaments. REAL is the native utility and governance token that is used for:

  • Earn Interest and NFT Points from REAL Staking
  • Seasonal and monthly bonus rewards: Mystery boxes
  • Diamonds, Legendary NFTs
  • Entry tickets for special events and tournaments
  • NFT Evolution and Summoning
  • Fees deduction on Marketplace
  • Real Realm DAO Governance
  • Real Realm Voting for new features, new NFTs

Highlight Features

Audit Credentials

You can check their Certik Audit result here.

Audit Credentials

More About NFT Heroes (Mies)

Mies is fearsome NFT fighters. They lived in the Middle Ages when there were constant conflicts, and they were a part of it. NFT Mies is distinguished by five characteristics:


There are currently four elements, with more to come: Infantry, Archer, Gunner, and Cavalry.


5 levels of rarity: Normal, Rare, SR, SSR, SP, Legendary (coming soon).


The experience grade measure of the NFT, range from 1 to 5.


Weapon, Armor, Hat, Accessory.


Unique 2 skills for each NFT.

More About NFT Heroes Mies

Mies are more than just simple NFTs; fighting in battle develops these Warriors into seasoned soldiers. When the Mies Summon an extra Orb, they not only receive great power-up but their original frail body is torched and their look develops, becoming sturdier and lustrous. Mies with the highest Orb level of 5 can no longer be Summoned; their strength and appearance will be forever connected with the NFT.


Battle modes

Battles in-game are brutal, necessitating the bravest NFT warriors (Mies). The game has a variety of fight modes to accommodate all types of users, whether they are looking for a Free-to-play, Tournaments, or Hardcore game.

Battle modes

Free to Play

Essentially, users do not need to deposit any capital at the outset, and if they work hard, they can accomplish amazing NFT Heroes in the game while simultaneously earning real tokens. As a result, everyone is welcome to participate.

PvE Challenge battle

  • Opponent: NPC
  • Team: Heroes, Croops, and spells
  • Rewards: in-game resources from the system

PvP Challenge battle

This is one of our toughest battle modes, where players may compete against other real-time players and utilize their best Mies to win. Finally, the winner receives the in-game resources.

  • Opponent: Real-time player
  • Team: Heroes, Croops, and spells
  • Rewards: in-game resources of another player


PvE Arena battlePvP Advanced battlePvE co-op mentorship battlePvP co-op mentorship battle
Opponent: NPC
Team: Mies
Rewards: in-game resources
Opponent: Real-time player
Team: Mies
Rewards: in-game resources
Opponent: NPC
Team: 3 Mies, two from the Apprentice team and one from the Mentor team
Rewards: in-game resources and Mentor points
Opponent: Real-time player
Team: 3 Mies, two from the Apprentice team and one from the Mentor team
Rewards: in-game resources and Mentor points


  • Players have to register before the Tournament begins
  • The tournament contains knockout battles that the winners will be at the top
  • The higher ranking the players, the more rewards they receive
  • Opponent: Real-time players
  • Team: MiesRewards: in-game assets, Real tokens, Mystery Box.


Mienacia is the Mies universe in which the Commander places Mies to guard, work, develop, and entertain. Mienacia has 12 habitats, which are separated into tokenized patches of land with varying weather and features. Plots can be upgraded with resources; upgraded plots have increased productivity and unique attributes.

Plots of land are finite assets, hence they are popular for collecting and renting. Furthermore, landowners may discover REAL tokens on their land plots by instructing the Mies to occupy the land plot and investigate resource nodes on the map. Mies can find REAL and possibly other resources by interacting with resource nodes.

Metaverse Real Realm


The Mentorship system establishes a structure for new players to learn and earn from experienced players. Veterans serve as Mentors to lower-level Commanders, known as Apprentices, in warfare. After completing all of the missions, both the Mentor and the Apprentice will get significant rewards. It is a win-win situation for both Mentor and Apprentice.


Real Realm strives to keep the game balanced for both free-to-play and pay-to-win players. The accomplishments are a set of in-game missions that players can complete without using the Mies.
There are 12 achievements, each with four milestones. a slew of diamonds


Real Realm, in collaboration with a prestigious and professional third party such as Yield Guild Game, offers Commanders with a tight budget the opportunity to enjoy Mies features through the Scholarship system.
Member types include:

  • A manager recruits players to play for them.
  • A scholar: plays to gain manager commissions.
  • The manager assigns an available Mies team to a scholar, who then plays the game with these heroes to collect PMP tokens.
  • PMP tokens are distributed to managers and scholars at a predetermined rate.


Users can conduct all trade and staking activities through a single D-app known as the Real Realm marketplace. Real Realm marketplace operates on-chain at Binance Smart Chain, ensuring that customers benefit from instant transactions and near-zero cost costs. Mies and Land pricing are based on USDT, however, the marketplace allows users to trade in other currencies.


Core Team

Real Realm is being developed by Rise Studio which is a technology-focused game studio founded in early 2020. The team consists of 15 employees and has its headquarter in Singapore.

core team

Over a decade of experience in the mobile game industry, Dinh Nguyen is primarily responsible for the business aspects of Rise Studio’s mobile/PC games. Furthermore, he is eager to participate actively in game production, contributing to design, programming, graphics, audio, and project management.

Tam Dinh – CTO/Co-Founder Rise Studio with nearly 20 years of experience in Game Systems. Tam leads the engineering team to develop Rise Studio’s mobile/PC games as well as to integrate with partners’ systems. He is mainly responsible for our technology strategy and engineering operations.

Truong Pham is the TA Manager/Co-Founder of Rise Studio, as well as the Head of Technical Architecture, Truong specifies a program’s or system’s overall structure. He is in charge of the Blockchain integration process for Rise Studio’s mobile/PC games, as well as ensuring that all technical aspects of the products work smoothly.

Thinh Lam is the Rise Studio’s Head of Game Performance, Thinh is in charge of our main game’s technical strategy. He defines and improves the monetization strategy and economics of blockchain-based mobile/PC games on a regular basis.

Partners and Advisors

Advisors Real Realm
Gia Le – Strategic Advisor
Chairman MECorp
Founder ME Mobile
Founder Gate
Founder ME Studio
Founder PayME
Former Online Sales Director FPT online
Dung Phan – Marketing Advisor
CBO KardiaChain
CMO Thetan Arena
Former Facebook PM
Former Youtube Ambassador
Eric Vuong – Community Advisor
Founder VNDC Holding Pte
Chairman TRUSTpay
Chairman HVA

Real Realm is partnered with many Big Blockchain-based firms such as BSC Station Kardia Ventures, Coincu news, WILDCAT VENTURE, get done, Alpha true, Trust pay, etc.


The Real Realm team is a collaboration of skilled professionals who are experts in the field of game creation as well as blockchain technology, which promises to lay a solid foundation for the game to operate stably and permanently. The Real Realm team aspires to meet the demand for long-term and consistent profitability while providing fantastic games to the majority of gamers through the collaboration of dedicated individuals.

The mobile game production team was founded in 2020 by four persons with backgrounds in blockchain technology, game design, and economics. Soon Game will be available on Desktop, Android, and iOS, and the Real Realm IDO is on the 23rd of November 2021!

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If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or ideas about the project, please email [email protected].


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