Fujitsu connects to pilot blockchain payment platform

Japanese information technology giant Fujitsu will launch a blockchain-based payment project in a large new mall in Saitama city, about 30 kilometers from Tokyo.

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Fujitsu connects to pilot blockchain payment platform

Fujitsu connects to pilot blockchain payment platform

According to the press release, a first test with a token called Sakura Town Coin will run from this month to next April in Tokorozawa Sakura Town, a large, new 25,000 m2 pop culture complex that opened last year in the Tokorozawa district of Saitama.

The complex is a joint venture initiative involving the Kadokawa Corporation – a Chinese minority manga and book publisher Tencent – and the local government of Tokorozawa. The complex is home to an anime-themed hotel and a large bookstore, as well as a cultural center designed by the same architect who designed the Olympic Stadium that hosted Tokyo 2020 games.

Fujitsu’s digital transformation company Ridgelinez, founded early last year, will lead the payments project and allow guests of the complex to pay for goods and services, including books, in selected stores. Shops and cash registers are selected transparently.

Fujitsu Affiliate to Pilot Blockchain Pay Platform

Ridgelinez added that if the pilot proves successful, Ridgelinez will expand its offering to all campus facilities as well as local shops and service providers.

Saitama Bank Resona, Kadokawa and Fujitsu are also participating in the pilot project. be involved

The company has also worked with TV series producers to develop animated themes.

Ridgelinez said it is “also conducting demonstration experiments” related to its payment system in “overseas” locations.

They explain that in Ghana they have developed a platform for expectant mothers in which users take part in a quiz, in which the correct answers earn money “that can be exchanged for soap and diapers”.

In Cambodia, meanwhile, the company is testing a diet and nutrition app for company employees that allows users to receive coins that they can exchange for “company currency” – presumably in the staff canteen and in local stores.

The company stated that it is awaiting a confirmed patent application, noting that the coins on its platform “can be used for a variety of purposes, such as – an alternative to paper tickets.

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