Kryxivia offers blockchain gaming with a twist, powered by NFT, incubated on Unic

Kryxivia offers blockchain gaming with a twist, powered by NFT, incubated on Unicrypt

The first blockchain-based games hit the market a few years ago, heralding a new era in gaming. However, these games have some serious limitations due to the slow and congested blockchains that they rely on. It’s a problem that hinders game development and has made their play-for-money (P2E) mechanics unsustainable.

Under these conditions, many pioneers of blockchain games were under pressure and have slowly been forgotten. Their absence has left a void in the crypto world just waiting for someone to fill it. And the recent boom in the development of unusable tokens (NFT) and the emergence of more efficient blockchains is finally making it possible for someone to do just that.

Enter Kryxivia. It’s a new blockchain-based mmo that aims to succeed where so many others have failed – in part by giving players real ownership of their in-game assets. And when it’s ready to go, it will change the face of the blockchain game forever. That’s how it’s done.

Enter the world of Kryxivia

Kryxivia immerses the player in a world where a minefield contains artifacts from an ancient civilization that promise power and influence to those who find them. But these artifacts offer more than just summoners and in-game power-ups. They are, along with every other asset involved, NFTs. That means players can buy, sell, and trade them however they want, fueling a dynamic in-game economy.

When the game starts, the main goal of the world’s inhabitants will be to find and mine as many mine artifacts as possible. Players can explore the mine in groups of up to four people, with difficulty increasing as the group size increases. And successful mining means progress in the game.

That’s because artifacts serve as the game’s leveling system, allowing players to find them in order to empower their characters based on the effects of each artifact. Plus, players have the option to enhance artifacts at will to reach their potential in a world of limitless possibilities.

Kryxivia was no utopia for adventurers. That’s because the developers plan to introduce a PvP system that will allow players to compete against each other while risking their artifacts and the game currency known as KXS. Once that happens, the world of Kryxivia will not be as peaceful as it was before.

KXA and KXS. Tokens

Since the world of Kryxivia revolves around collecting NFT artifacts, it’s more than just a game. This is also a way for players to make real money. And to support the in-game economy, Kryxivia relies on two native tokens available on the Binance Smart Chain. The first, called Kryxivia Coin Token (KXA), enables online payments for in-game items such as starter packs and specialty NFT sales. This way, players can also purchase an in-game currency called a Kryxivia Shard Coin (KXS).

With KXS, players pay for what they need in the game world. For example, they can spend KXS to upgrade their artifacts or buy potions from in-game NPCs. Or they can sacrifice it to bond their items with the cryxite gemstone, which enhances their magical properties. And finally, players also have the option of putting their KXS into the casino roll and thus generating a solid return on their character.

These mechanics play an important role in the game’s economy as players can spend their KXS to upgrade their NFT items. And as they do this, the value of these items increases, making it possible to sell them for profit in the game’s marketplace. Successful players can turn their rare items and hard work in the game into real money by selling them to KXA – and turning their game into a source of income.

Important developments are yet to come

Currently, Kryxivia is still in its infancy. But developers are making steady strides towards its introduction. Before the end of this year, they are expected to hold a public sale of KXA tokens to help build the liquidity and capital needed to support the game. And then KXA will see a public listing on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, making it easier for community members to follow the price.

But the biggest developments will happen next year. The WebGL-based game will be ready in the first quarter of 2022, so it can begin Alpha Pre-Access for a select number of players. And then the in-game market is ready to go, enabling chain trading of in-game items.

If all goes well, Kryxivia will enter beta in the second quarter and begin a series of work to expand the rest of its functionality. From there, the world of Kryxivia will be accessible to a large number of players, all fighting for wealth and power – both inside and outside the game. And when that happens, Kryxivia will prove that a mix of NFT gaming content and innovative web-based gameplay is the future of blockchain gaming. For developers and residents of the game world, the sky is the limit from then on.

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