will launch its token platform in December has announced that it will launch its digital token distribution platform, also known as “Airdrop,” before the end of the year.

Paraswap's Airdrop disappoints merchants as only 0.015% of eligible wallets  drop the PSP price by more than 25% - CoinCu News will launch its token platform in December will launch its token platform in December combines effectively tested crypto projects with a community of verified token holders through a professional, free and fair digital token distribution service. .

Currently, more than 100 people per hour are joining the waiting list in anticipation of access to the new token distribution platform. The team is forecasting over 100,000 registrations by the platform’s launch in late December 2021, especially given the recent surge in activity by Airdrop token hunters on Polygon and MetaMask.

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“The team believes that most digital token airdrops are not only too expensive for crypto projects, but also fail to meet their needs for market awareness and community building.” Giotto De Filippi, founder of, said.

“Our offering will provide both the recipients of digital tokens and their issuers with a secure and free token distribution service. Thanks to our proprietary technology, will ensure that crypto projects have access to a community of individuals and not to bots programmed to use similar schemes. “ ensures fair token distribution to crypto projects by requiring all users to undergo Know Your Customer (KYC) verification before joining the platform. User verification allows to distribute tokens much more democratically, reducing the likelihood of bots and token farming by malicious actors. Token providers will also require testing and verification to ensure illegal and counterfeit airdrops are removed before they are added to the list. Counterfeit Airdrops are one of the most popular ways to trick uninformed investors, and plans to fix the balance by prioritizing safety.

The community is currently only open to a limited number of participants, but consumers can join the waiting list at Airdrop also opens the Ambassador program. For those looking to get more tokens, simply join Telegram chat to be contacted by one of the Airdrop administrators.


Airdrop was founded in 2021 and was founded by an experienced team familiar with tokenomics, ICOs and blockchain projects.

Cryptocurrency Airdrop is a method for free and fair distribution of digital tokens to a large number of enthusiastic participants. One of the main advantages of Airdrops for crypto projects is the ability to interact with a global community of users as quickly, securely, reliably and efficiently as possible. Those accepted on the platform will receive free digital tokens, have the opportunity to explore the crypto market, learn more about tokens and join our community project to interact with other token holders.

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