Top Trader Says BETU, JOE and 3 other Altcoins are preparing for a rally

PolkaBridge (PBR) is a decentralized application platform.

According to the trader, one of PolkaBridge’s most notable products is PolkaBridge DEX, a decentralized exchange that allows users to exchange tokens on Polkadot for other tokens on other blockchain platforms without incurring any special fees. Also, the smart farming mechanism allows liquidity providers to earn more rewards than the traditional way.

At the time of writing, PBR is trading at $ 0.6 with a market cap of $ 21 million.

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Taboo (TABOO) is an NFT and streaming media project for adults. Specialized in exclusive premium content.

“For models who aren’t porn stars at all, their content isn’t like other adult tokens. Their marketplace is very advanced with the establishment of Enjin Coin Market Developers. ”

The NFT marketplace and its communication platform will be built across the chain on the Plasma network, targeting networks such as Polygon and Harmony and Solana. The retailer emphasized that there will also be a merchandise store where users can buy their favorite items. In addition, a unique forum will be created with special offers and rewards for generating traffic.

At the time of writing, TABOO is trading at $ 0.01 with a market cap of $ 113 million.

Effects network (EFX)

The Effect Network (EFX) is a cryptocurrency and runs on the BSC and EOS platforms. The main product controlled by EffectDAO is Influence Power: The First Blockchain-Based Framework for the Future of Work.

“Global On-Demand WorkForce sends micro-tasks to the blockchain to earn EFX.”

At the time of writing, FEX is trading at $ 0.03 with a market cap of $ 7 million.