Top trader Ben Armstrong gives 3 reasons this low cap altcoin is supposed to be Cardano

Adax (ADAX) is a state-of-the-art, next-generation DEX and liquidity protocol offers seamless transactions in the Cardano ecosystem and more everything completely decentralized and unattended. As Armstrong said, bbefore you decide to build on the Cardano blockchain, The team’s vision is a fully optimized cross-chain exchange.

Adax price catalyst

According to the trader, there are 3 main reasons Adax is different and will make it the best DEX on the Cardano network. The first reason is Compatibility with Ethereum-based ERC-20s, De facto industry standards to date:

By dismantling the Cardano-Ethereum bridge from IOHK to ADAX, Issuers and token holders can move their tokens to and from the Cardano network. And it couldn’t be easier. With just a few clicks they are immediately translated into native tokens with the same value works the same way. After all, this is not a one-way street. It’s a two-way solution. That means users can move their tokens back to the source by simply burning them in the net. “

Second, Adax also take full advantage of some new and innovative models to manage flexible volatility rates across liquidity pools, and liquidity stress. It is crucial that fees drop to an all-time low.

Finally, KOL crypto points out that Adax’s user interface is seamless, easy to use, and has great boot features:

To fight for top DEX status in this day and age, Having a good personality is not enough. You also have to be beautiful from the outside. Well, luckily for ADAX, their user interface looks as good as any Lambo. ”

He added:

“Not only that, Users can benefit from invaluable data such as TVL, simply add liquidity to available pools, and thanks to the partnership between ADAX and, they have a built-in function for social feelings, Providing real-time data from social networks to show which tokens and pairs are gaining or losing traction. I mean if the goal is to be the DEX of choice on Cardano, then this is early blockbuster for Unswap Netflix.

Potential Adax price

At the time of the movie, Adax is trading at $ 2.87, a nearly 70% decrease from its ATH of $ 2.41. ADAX’s current market capitalization is only $ 58 million.

Armstrong expects ADAX to see its bullish momentum in the coming weeks as mOre list with the participation of gemstone experts KuCoin and Bitrue, which pushed the price back down to the ATH of $ 2.41.

Besides, how First ADAX DEX on Cardano for token issuance and with low fees, interoperability and seamless user-friendly interface, traders expect that mass adoption of this DEX is inevitable and the price can be increased by at least 20x.

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