Attarius Network enters into partnership with BOTLabs GmbH, developer of the KILT protocol

Attarius Network and BOTLabs GmbH, developers of the KILT protocol, have notification that the project incorporates the principles of autonomous identification (SSI) by applying verifiable DIDs and verifiable credentials using the KILT protocol. KILT will be integrated into the products of the Attarius ecosystem, including the launched Attarius wallet and the NFT marketplace for upcoming in-game items.

Attarius Network enters into partnership with BOTLabs GmbH developer of 1

Attarius combined with the KILT protocol

When players join the Attarius Network platform, they can add their purchases, achievements and levels as credentials to their KILT identity. The user then determines how and when these credentials are passed on, while this data remains in the possession of the user. As Attarius and KILT add new partners, users can review and download their content and skills in the couple’s games and tournaments. KILT is also used to track user performance across multiple gaming platforms and networks.

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With the KILT login, users can set up gaming guilds and DAOs with customized skills. The project is building an all-in-one NFT ecosystem for the game industry with a core focus on blockchain game development in the Middle East and Asia. This will significantly encourage the formation of guilds and DAOs with a focus on individual games and tournaments or with a focus on the region in the United Arab Emirates, Synthetic Team, Singapore and Northern Europe.

Fundraising for gaming clubs and indie studios can also be accelerated by integrating KILT logins into Attarius wallets and marketplace. Currently, the wallet is designed to hold ATRN, the native token of Attarius, and the NFT of in-game items. In the future, the wallet will offer the decentralized KYC process of the KILT protocol, in which users only share the essentials of their identity without manipulation and theft from third-party companies.

Attarius Network enters into partnership with BOTLabs GmbH, developer of the KILT protocol.  known

“Attarius offers many use cases for the KILT protocol. The gaming communities and the NFT marketplace are at the turning point accelerated by blockchain applications. We are happy to be part of this experiment and this innovation, ”said Ingo Rübe, founder of KILT Protocol and CEO of BOTLabs GmbH.

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