InvestAnswers reveals the bottom of Bitcoin, ETH and SOL

A well-known analyst reveals the minimum prices of top cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, ETH and SOL.

In Video Recently, the host of InvestAnswers analyzed how likely a correction or the next bear phase could be for the crypto market.

According to him, Bitcoin is likely to hit the six-digit mark early next year and then correct more like 50% or even some macroeconomic event that will make it drop even further.

“I believe the price retracement is more than 50%. So if Bitcoin climbs to $ 100,000 (most likely early next year), the price will drop to $ 50,000 and, in the worst case, even to $ 42,000. I don’t know if to call it a ‘Black Swan’ event because everyone can see it’s coming – but when it does, the damage is huge. ”

The analyst reiterated the lower target for Bitcoin and also predicted the price for the Ethereum and Solana smart contract platforms.


Source: InvestAnswers

“I believe $ 42,000 could be a good low for Bitcoin, and we’ve tested it a few times over the past few months. ETH could easily slide back to the lows of $ 3,000 or $ 2,400. SOL could be as low as $ 120, $ 150 like it was last. I think they are the real ground.

Remember that a collapse will threaten investment in the world. Then you want to keep fiat money even though its value drops by 15% because other things tend to be worse. ”

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