Ethereum hashrate sets a record of 1 PH / s when ETH miners are extremely profitable

On December 8th, the Ethereum network participants upgraded the protocol and adopted the Arrow Glacier innovation, delaying the “Ice Age” PoS transition for another six months (June 2022).

Ethereum miners are extremely profitable, an ASIC miner built by Innosilicon with 1.5 gigahash per second (GH / s) can earn around $ 84 per day. Currently, Ethereum’s hashrate is 992.59 terahash per second (TH / s), reaching an all-time high (ATH) of 1.0122 petahash per second (PH / s) on May 21.

Ethereum hashrate sets 1 PH / s record as miners profitability remains high

Ethereum network hashrate

Currently at 1 PH / s (1,000 TH / s), the Ethereum hashrate has increased by 66.125% from 1.51 TH / s on March 21, 2016. If the miners were using a clan, 1.5 GH / s to process transactions would have taken 1,000 machines in the beginning and 1 million today to power Ethereum.

F2pool now makes up 41% of Ethereum, the hashrate of A11 Pro Innosilicon get the highest profit

The currently largest Ethereum mining pools are with 282.63 TH / s, F2pool with 134.81 TH / s, Poolin with 103.57 TH / s, Hiveon with 93.32 TH / s and Flexpool with 46 , 17 TH / s. The Ethereum hashrate on Nicehash is currently 46.17 TH / s, 2 miners at 36.86 TH / s and Antpool at 33.4 TH / s. Around 61 pools currently provide hashrate for the Ethereum network.

The currently most profitable Ethereum miner is the A11 Pro ETH 1,500 Megahash (MH / s) unit from Innosilicon, which earns around US $ 84 per day at US $ 0.12 per kilowatt hour (kWh) at the current exchange rate. The second most profitable device is the A10 Pro + ETH 750 (MH / s) from Innosilicon, which brings in around $ 41.78 per day for the same price. The 1.5 GH / s Ethereum miners are currently generating higher returns than the most profitable Bitcoin miners today.

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