What is Deesse? Deesse Project Overview

I. What is Deesse?

Deesse is a Japanese anime-style game that has been developed and has been shown to work in the market. Leading Japanese CVs are participating in the project, including Konomi Kohara and Koshimizu Ami. The Deesse NFT collection is an integral part of the game. Players can employ unique strategies based on the goddesses who are equipped with different weapons and abilities in the game.

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As an epic RPG with flexible settings and autoplay, Deesse uses game mechanics that allow players to earn tokens and NFTs while playing. NFTs, avatar wearables, collectibles … are premium items that generate income for clan leaders.

The project has developed a more advanced game model for the player’s experience. For players who are short on time, this new system allows players to automatically receive in-game items online while allowing some players to have a deeper gaming experience. It’s full of enhanced art effects, beautiful and sexy characters. In other words, Deesse offers an immersive multi-game experience for different levels of players.

II. Information on Deesse’s tokens

$ LOVE – is the sign of the project. Token delivery is set for 3 years with a pre-determined unlocking schedule to ensure that everyone involved has an incentive to participate. The initial $ LOVE token is assigned as follows:

– Private sale
– Presale / public sale
– Set out rewards
– Rewards for Enjoyment to Earn. Feature
– Deesse knife
– Team
– Metaverse Eco Fund.

Use cases of $ LOVE:

– Upgrade your equipment and parts
– Create consumables from raw materials
– Buy rare cosmetic skins
– Player-based economy
– Mining new NFTs, characters and items.

How can players make money?

– Mining
– Sell NFTs and character cards
– Upgrade and sell tools
– Give your character to another player
– Join the fight with other players
– Design in-game items like cosmetics, skins and wearables.

III. Team, investors

1st team

The project team consists of gaming experts and people who have been working in the crypto space for a long time. The three founders of Deesse are all Japanese with extensive experience in entertainment, games and PR, media and marketing.

2. Investor

It raised $ 2 million in a seed round from major investors in Polygon Studio, founders of Polygon, Republic Capital, Metaverse Money, AU21, Tron Foundation and NGC.

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The project is now planning to bring blockchain games to the international market, which are mainly aimed at anime lovers.

IV. Deesse’s vision

Deese’s long-term vision is to bring blockchain gaming to Japan by targeting the international market with anime-themed games. In addition, you will create a world class game for anime lovers and allow users to make money while spending their favorite pastime.

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Short-term plans include building a community and selling NFTs. The project now also intends to bring a currency on the market with which the game is to be operated. Later more assets will be added along with the market and cross-chain bridges including Layer 2.

V. Development roadmap

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As expected, IDO will take place in early 2022. Users need to purchase NFT to start the game. Please follow Deesse’s official channels for the latest information!

Project resources:

Website: https://deesse.art/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/deesse_2021

Telegram: http://t.me/deesse2021

Discord: https://discord.gg/z5vwS9UB

This article is for informational purposes only, this is not investment advice !!!

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