China Is Regaining Consumer Trust By Implementing Blockchain Technology.

China has been a major supplier of counterfeit goods that have spread around the world. Fake foods do significant harm, and consumer trust is at an all-time low. Fungus farmers are attempting to reclaim their identity by utilizing blockchain technology.

Consumer trust in foods sourced from China is at an all-time low. The fake food business is nauseating, from fake eggs to fake honey to fake wine.

Sanlu Group, China’s largest infant formula producer, was caught distributing fake baby milk some years ago. The forgery was loaded with the hazardous industrial chemical melamine. It was added to the mix to artificially increase protein levels. The end result was a heartbreaking narrative of greed with real-world repercussions — infants died and hundreds were ill. It was a national nightmare that developed into a worldwide fake-food disaster.

Enter the Guizhou province fungal demonstration zone. It exists to demonstrate how blockchain technology may be used to trace and authenticate the provenance of mushrooms. In addition, blockchain technology is used to secure the security and dependability of information and data. It aids producers in establishing trust in quality and safety assurance.

Guiyang’s Baiyun district has combined the fungal industry with blockchain technology. The concept is that the whole production chain may be tracked and integrated.

Edible fungus is one of Guizhou’s biggest businesses, generating $2.89 billion in revenue during the last four years in the Guizhou region alone. Guizhou’s edible fungus output has climbed by 51% each year in the same time period. And the price is rising by 60% last year.

The ‘Intelligent Fungus Cloud’ is a cutting-edge technology-powered platform for the whole edible fungus business. There are 31 data gathering locations on the platform. This is done in collaboration with 15 edible fungus enterprises, cooperatives, bases, and huge farms.

The Guizhou Mushroom Museum was constructed by government officials who poured all of their money into the fungus business. Visitors may learn about how the blockchain process works. It is intended that farmers and producers would acquire the public’s trust.

Ma Ningyu, the acting mayor of Guiyang, said:

“Big data has become an important engine for Guiyang’s high-quality development. At present, Guiyang is promoting the deep integration of big data for rural revitalization.”

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