Review ($CHO) – A MetaFi (CeFi/DeFi) ecosystem- the innovative crypto solution is a MetaFi (CeFi/DeFi) ecosystem based on Crypterium CeFi solutions and Charism Defi protocol, that reinvents how protocols operate with CeFi, reduces commissions up to 50 times, and unlocks cross-chain high yield to 100 mln CeFi users

Concept Project – What is is the innovative crypto solution that combines all the benefits of CeFi and DeFi (centralized and decentralized finance) services into one system. This bridge between CeFi and DeFi user bases will greatly simplify user exposure to DeFi products, making the process easy, reliable, and fool-proof. At the heart of is a new, in-house DeFi ecosystem Charism, a suite of products (non-custodial wallet, cross-chain bridges, transaction builder, decentralized derivatives, and other solutions). offers centralized services like buying crypto with a bank card, spending digital assets via Crypterium Visa card, exchanging and cashing out cryptocurrencies with the best rates. These are services anyone can understand, even if they’re new to the crypto market. But anyone into crypto knows that DeFi presents even better solutions.

Such integration will allow anyone — even the newest crypto novice — to take advantage of farming, decentralized exchanges, liquidity pools, and other benefits at the press of a button. The internal protocol will make it possible to implement previously unavailable solutions, all without requiring users to switch blockchains or install endless amounts of applications. Everything is available in a single customizable app interface. Charism marks the reveal of Crypterium’s ecosystem, as it enables users to choose between methods of use.

Outstanding features

What is the project trying to achieve?

They’ve combined our Crypterium CeFi and Charism DeFi solutions in the product to make DeFi adoption much easier for 100 million users worldwide. They did the fully first MetaFi solution created to break borders between CeFi and DeFi focused on maximizing EARN and cross-chain. is a clear and logical step in our company’s evolution. They entered the market when DeFi was just in its infancy, with the goal of building an easy-to-use crypto-fiat wallet.  As a result, Crypterium has become one of the most convenient and user-friendly global crypto-banks for buying, exchanging, and withdrawing cryptocurrencies.

What is unique selling point?

Charism non-custodial wallet

  • Multi-chain support allows the user to keep more than one crypto asset (Ethereum, Solana, Tron, BSC, etc)
  • Includes a built-in Web3 browser that allows users to explore DApps seamlessly and safely
  • It’s easy to use even for beginners and allows them to get full support from the team
  • With their wallet, users can earn interest in crypto, play blockchain games and access the latest DApps, DeFi platforms (Staking, Farming), and NFTs
  • Eliminates third parties between users and crypto. Only users have full control over their funds


Technical Data

Key metrics 


  • Token Name:
  •  Ticker: CHO
  • Blockchain: BSC
  • Token Standard: ERC20
  • Contract: Updating…
  •  Token type: Utility
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Circulating Supply: Updating…

Token allocation

Token use case

Token sale

How to own the token?


Market and Community


Community has crossed the mark of 20,400 Followers on Twitter.


Team/ Founders

Conclusion and analysis is the next step in Crypterium evolution, which combines significant crypto expertise and strong market vision, to build the most powerful CeFi/DeFi ecosystem. to-be-released platform will be the ultimate solution for the modern individual, bringing all the possibilities of centralized and decentralized finance — at your fingertips.

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