X2Y2 Token Up 235% After Completing A Vampire Attack on OpenSea

The x2y2 Vampire Attack

x2y2 has launched a vampire attack on the biggest NFT marketplace OpenSea. This new Ethereum-based NFT trading platform announced that it will airdrop millions of tokens to Opensea’s user. It follows in the footsteps of LooksRare, which launched last month with a similar strategy, but with a different strategy that it hopes will avoid wash trading.

Between mid-June and mid-December 2021, this new NFT marketplace airdropped 120 million tokens to 861,417 wallets trading on OpenSea, representing 12% of its 1 billion token supply.

The x2y2 token rallied around 235%. According to CoinMarketCap data, the token has risen from around $1.14 on February 16 to $3.83 on the next day.

However, there have been a few setbacks in the airdrop. Due to complaints about difficulties in claiming the tokens, x2y2 paused the airdrop on February 16. The team has stated that the airdrop will resume in the next 48 hours. Only 7% of the 120 million airdropped tokens had been claimed before the process was halted.

When the airdropped platform’s tokens can not be claimed, x2y2 investors began to raise a lot of doubts about this new NFT trading platform.

The Airdrop is Running Now

The x2y2 team announced on February 18 that the airdrop is back. They announced an hour ago that the airdrop was on hold because traffic was five times higher than they expected.

A vampire attack occurs when a project distributes tokens to existing blockchain users. The goal is to entice the target audience to try out the new NFT platform and choose to use it instead, especially if rewards are given out on a regular basis.

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