MetaFighter has Announced its Partnership with Martians vs Rednecks In 2022!

MetaFighter x Martians vs Rednecks Partnership

MetaFighter has announced the new partnership with Martians vs Rednecks, a battle of Rednecks to defend the Earth from the power-hungry Martians.

MetaFighter is an innovative skill-based P2E fighting game that allows players to earn, learn, and gain rewards for their expertise. They believe great partnerships and collaborations will result in great success. With the help of this partnership, MetaFighter and Martians vs Rednecks will benefit from each other’s experiences in the industry.

Martians vs Rednecks is a generative collection of Martians and Rednecks NFTs. The loyal holders of Martians vs Rednecks NFTs will get several benefits like bonus drops and access to limited edition comics. Unlike many existing NFTs, Martians vs Rednecks provides a wide range of benefits for the NFT holders, both in the digital and real worlds.

By pairing up with Martians vs Rednecks, MetaFighter is going to play a huge part in the large-scale adoption of blockchain-based games and MvR characters will also get featured in MetaFighter.

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