a16z Invests in Hex, a platform for collaborative analytics and data science

Hex is the platform for collaborative analytics and data science. Hex brings SQL, Python, R, and no-code workflows together in powerful notebooks, and allows users to do exploratory analysis with minimal friction and publish projects as interactive data apps that anyone in an organization can use, from data scientists and data analysts to the C-suite. After all, if an interesting analysis is being done and no one is around to learn from it, does it make a sound? Collaboration is the key to unlocking true knowledge building.

Despite data management software already accounting for over $70B of spend, the modern data stack is still in its very early innings and continues to be one of the most exciting and furiously growing areas of customer adoption and investment. a16z believes no modern data stack is complete without Hex. 

It’s no wonder that some of the most exciting companies including Notion, Fivetran, Loom, Glossier, and Whatnot are already using Hex as the home base for thousands of data scientists and analysts to solve some of their most complex and cross-functional data problems. Over a dozen customers that a16z spoke with reiterated this – with one emphatically noting: for projects requiring collaboration across data engineering, data science, machine learning, production, and operations, “Hex is the only tool I’ve ever used that elegantly handled the needs for all of these roles.” 

Hex’s viral growth within data teams and among non-technical stakeholders as both editors and viewers got us the most excited about the opportunity to partner. Bridging the gap between a data scientist and a non-technical user is an incredibly difficult problem to solve. Hex solves this by pairing code with powerful UI-based tools to make data more accessible and impactful through a “low-floor, high ceiling” approach; it makes data more inclusive and powerful than ever with real-time collaboration, no-code charts, first-class SQL support, and a reactive, graph-based compute engine.

The Andreessen Horowitz’s Growth Fund is leading Hex’s Series B, alongside two integral layers of the modern data stack – Databricks and Snowflake – and Hex’s existing investors, to fundamentally change the future of data workflows and usher in the next era of data.

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