Review Infinite Launch ($ILA) – A Cross-chain fundraising platform for projects & NFTs

Infinite Launch is a Cross-chain fundraising platform for projects & NFTs. One of the first capital & NFT launchpads delivers both game-fi & IDO experiences. Where your investors meet qualified projects & the latest NFT trends.

Concept project – What is Infinite Launch? 

Infinite Launch is a Cross-chain fundraising platform for tokens & NFTs.  A Cross-chain fundraising platform that supports DeFi and NFT projects, helping products reach investors quickly.

Infinite Launch helps investors use the Tokens they own to ensure they can participate in IDO without using that Launchpad coin.

Infinite Launch is a cross-chain launchpad where disruptive Gamefi & NFT projects meet long-term investors with a unique Diamond-hand mechanism. For the first time, investors are offered guaranteed access to their IDO projects’ allocation pool regardless of their position or resources. With a long-term vision, Infinite Launch sees NFT & Metaverse as inevitable trends and offers real utilities for NFTs holders, while building a perfect ecosystem where people can invest, and trade NFTs directly on the platform.

Outstanding features

What is the project trying to achieve?

Infinite Launch’s primary mission is to create a decentralized platform, a great fundraising environment for the most deserving projects. Before officially launching the investor community and user community, the project’s development team experimented with various blockchains.

At its core, the project is a perfect launching pad to help link investors like and the most potential projects. This platform has created a level playing field so that every project has the opportunity to prove its capacity and convince investors.

With the mission to deliver the most advanced and innovative Launchpad for the community, they aim to provide manifold features such as fixed Swap Pools, liquidity Mining, staking for Pool Access, Private Pools & Whitelisting, Permissionless listings…They believe that future unicorns, by receiving our assistance at the right place, the right time, will fuel the growth of the Crypto ecosystem and help to attain its true intent.

What is unique selling point?

Multi-chain support

Infinite Launch will focus on gamefi, defi and NFT projects to become an all-in-one platform that supports BSC, Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Avax, etc. offering the hottest pools with flexible whitelist terms.

Selected projects

To eliminate the instances of rug-pull and ensure investors’ fund safety, all listed projects on Infinite Launch will be hand-picked by our experienced board of members, those who are top-talented developers and blockchain experts.

Fair and square

The foundation of our platform is built on a first-come, first-serve basis, as the saying goes, early birds get the worms. Therefore, being whitelisted does not guarantee your private sale slot, the sale will automatically end once the hard cap is reached and whitelisted addresses with higher tiers will have earlier access than those with low tiers.

Immune to rug-pulls

Pools will be audited & tested carefully before going live to make sure that your investors’ funds will be 100% safe. Project token & liquidity will be locked in accordance with the project timeline to protect users from rug-pulls.

Deliver Game-fi experiences

Infinite launch will be the first launchpad to have its own blockchain games, in order to help new crypto adopters get acquainted with NFTs and Play-to-Earn models.

Full KYC & vesting schedule integration

They have KYC, whitelist, and Distribution Portal for projects to vest their sold tokens. This feature will ensure that all tokens will be released as regulated in the vesting schedule and that only the whitelisted address can buy the token.

Governance model

The amount of $ILA you hold will determine whether you will level up your tier in order to claim a guaranteed slot to join IDOs on our platform. In addition, $ILA will be used in our gamefi or NFT project to buy heroes, equipment, and many more.

NFT Marketplace

They are the first launchpad to focus on building an artist’s community and offering an NFT marketplace for tokens & NFT holders.

NFT Collections

Collect & trade NFT artworks from renowned artists & popular blockchain games.

NFT traders rankings

When users participate in the market, they can get many financial incentives and privileges if they rank high in the NFT traders rankings.

Investment expansion

For users who have not participated in the IDO round, they can participate in “Extended vesting” at a favorable price if they commit to staking according to the project schedule.

Users who can’t afford to buy launchpad tokens can get guaranteed allocations by committing to vest the tokens longer than the vesting schedule of projects. In this way, project owners can have a considerable number of long-term holders to support their projects.


Technical data

$ILA is a token of the Infinite Launch ecosystem. $ILA plays a central role in their set of games. By holding it, users can enjoy distinguishing features, such as choosing ecosystem initiatives, features development, type of auction, and other applications. Moreover, $ILA is also considered as the reward for the participants whenever they are involved in staking or liquidity mining. That is not all, owning ILA will give you early access to the marketplace, as a currency for digital assets exchange.

Key metrics 


  • Token Name: Infinite Launch
  • Ticker: ILA
  • Blockchain: BSC
  • Token Standard: BEP-20
  • Contract:  0x4fBEdC7b946e489208DED562e8E5f2bc83B7de42
  • Token type: Utility
  • Total Supply:
  • Circulating Supply:

Token allocation

Token release schedule

Token use case

Game-fi utilities

$ILA can be used to increase tier to get a guaranteed slot to join IDO on our platform. Besides, $ILA will be used in our games to buy heroes, equipment, and more items.


Users can use $ILA to make important decisions via a voting mechanism, such as choosing the next project to support, features to develop, and type of auction.


When staking $ILA, users can receive rewards and participate in the work of governance

Liquidity Mining

When contributing liquidity to the pools of Infinite Launch, users can receive rewards in the form of $ILA.

NFT Club Membership

$ILA holders club will have early access to massive NFT drops from the most famous artists all around the world.

Deflationary function

$ILA token will increase in the long-term because of the token deflationary function, with a 1% burn fee in every transaction and a 2% fee transfer to the ILA reward pool, surging token value in the future.

Token sale

  • IDO price: 0.015
  • Tokens for sale: 10.000.000
  • Hard cap: $150.000

How to own the token?

You can buy ILA from Pancakeswap or Kucoin.

Markets and Community


Infinite Launch has crossed the mark of 158.400 Followers on Twitter.


Team/ Founders


Conclusion and analysis

In short,  Infinite Launch is a cross-chain launchpad for hand-picked DeFi & NFT projects with the first-ever mechanism where holders can lock away their tokens for guaranteed IDO allocations, without holding launchpad tokens. The platform promises to create a decentralized, decentralized ecosystem where every participant has a voice.

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