The Most Famous Korean Streamer of The Day Satto Continue His Futures After Lost More Than $10 Million, But This Time Is Open for Short

Satto, a Korean streamer, has just got famous for his live streaming and lost more than $10 million for going long in Futures. Thought Satto would be sad and depressed after, but no, our streamer makes a comeback and this time he’s going for Short

Following his today’s live streaming on April 12th, after getting lost more than $10 million for constantly going for long orders during this bloodbath market, Satto has learned a lesson. So he decided to put more money in to go for short this time.

But seems like our guy today isn’t his lucky day at all, cause when he decided to open short, the BTC’s price has risen back up to $40k, which makes his account minus over $40k. Although there was a time when the BTC’s price went down to $39k, he could be able to get $60k but our guy still didn’t close short. Up until now, his account still in debt $40k.

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The viewers have given advice to him to stop playing Future for a better future ahead, or some of them are praying for him and hopefully, he could get this time. The stream is still on going, we will update to you on the situation soon! Stay tuned

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