Dogecoin Aims For Offline Transactions Via Starlink Technology

Two key staff members working for the Dogecoin Foundation penned an article recently about using RadioDoge technology combined with the Starlink satellite network to conduct DOGE transactions without using the Internet.

The team admitted there is still a long way to go, but the groundwork had been laid for future experiments. It included connecting RadioDoge to the Doge testnet through Starlink’s technological support.

Transacting Dogecoin Offline

Timothy Stebbing, Product Lead at the Dogecoin Foundation, and Michi Lumin, Principal Engineer at the Foundation, teamed up to work on a new communication network that would allow users to transact Doge offline. It will only require the support from the Starlink satellite network created and owned by the richest Doge fan in the world, Elon Musk.

According to the article, the key lies in the new technology called RadioDoge, a “cheap and reliable Radio technology (HF/LoRaWAN)” working along with the Starlink satellite network to enable accessibility to people without Internet connectivity.

The other crucial element is the GigaWallet project, a drop-in solution (a new type of Doge wallet) for internet-based transactions through standardized, non-custodial wallet integration with the Doge network.

The two developers considered the first phrase of Libdogecoin, a programming library or building blocks for creating Doge projects, as the groundwork for forming and validating Doge’s addresses and transactions. They revealed that Doge addresses created with the library have successfully received DOGE on the main network.

A Long Way to Go

The main challenge in the progress of enabling GigaWallet to communicate with RadioDoge, as specified by the team, centers on if Libdogecoin can do the heavy-lifting work. The first RadioDoge established last week will function as a testing ground for the new technology.

This week, the team said, should see the first transactions formed with Libdogecoin being sent to RadioDoge, which will submit it to the Doge testnet via a Starlink satellite.

The two believe the new technology could revolutionarily stimulate Dogecoin’s grass-root adoption derived from emerging economies, making the Musk-backed cryptocurrency “the defacto means for exchanging goods and services globally.” However, they admitted that the first phase of Libdogecoin only accounted for a 0.1 milestone of the project.

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