Review DROPP ($DROPP) – Your Metaverse Journey Begins Now?

Dropp is an NFT minting social platform that aims to bring the metaverse into the real world. It currently offers unique and location-based NFT releases.

What is DROPP?

DROPP is a blockchain-based platform that leverages geo-localization technology to connect the real world with the virtual world of NFTs and METAVERSE. DROPP is a response to the technological changes that are occurring in today’s world. On the one hand, they have traditional media such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, television, and the world surrounding us. On the other hand, they have blockchain, NFTs, METAVERSE, VR, and AR technologies, which are the counterparts of the real world in finance, art, media, and real reality. DROPP combines these technologies through geolocation, building a virtual world of communication and data exchange in the real world where each virtual item is connected to an actual place.

They create a new language of communication for the media, influencers, artists, collectors, and gamers. The new technology offers unimaginable opportunities to create, promote and make a profit.

Outstanding Features

What is the project trying to achieve?

Social Interaction “Bringing the Metaverse into the Real World”

DROPP’s foundation is centered on social interaction. The application of geolocation technology is reinventing how the world interacts by bridging the real world and the metaverse. As we enter the new norm of the metaverse, DROPP will recreate how the world perceives the metaverse.

Decentralization “Revolutionizing Web 3.0″

“Revolutionizing Web 3.0”Decentralization via Web 3.0 is at the core of our product philosophy. DROPP products will be built upon the innovation of Web 3.0.

Community “User First”

DROPP is built for the community. DROPP is building the infrastructure to enable a user-first community. Our community channel will be the platform to listen to our community and build the community together.

What is the unique selling point?

DROPP consists of three products:

  • DROPP 2D – Social App
  • DROPP LANDMetaverse
  • DROPP 3D – Augmented Reality

DROPP 2D – Social App

A module that enables you to create your own NFT and place them on the map in real-life locations. It also allows you to buy NFTs in these locations, and with the appropriate fee, it allows you to ignore the locations so that you can purchase from anywhere. These NFTs would support graphics, photos, videos, music, or even terms/conditions for gamification and tasks to be completed by recipients eg. placing NFTs along certain routes.

DROPP LAND – Metaverse

A module that enables you to purchase plots of digital land at real-world locations issued as NFTs. Each plot has coordinates and is reflected in the real world. The plots are of different values. Plots can be bought, rented, and most importantly, users may place their own 3D objects on them. It expands by creating a second layer of the virtual world in the existing world.

Users may participate in this digital world by moving in it as if in a game. The game runs in the browser and is fully interactive.

DROPP 3D AR – Augmented Reality

A module that enables you to place 3D objects as NFTs in the real world. With AR technology, objects can be viewed in the real world as 3D objects connected to a real place. These can be 3D buildings, 3D characters or entire animated 3D scenes.


Technical Data

DROPP Token Metrics

  • Token Name: DROPP
  • Ticker: DROPP
  • Blockchain: Solana
  • Token Standard: Updating…
  • Contract: Updating…
  • Token Type: Utility, Governance
  • Total Supply: 500,000,000 DROPP
  • Circulating Supply: Updating…

DROPP Token Allocation

Ecosystem Rewards: 30% ~ 150,000,000 DROPP (Based on Mining and Farming Initiatives)

Strategic & Token Sale: 24%:

  • Strategic round: 8% ~ 40,000,000 DROPP
  • Strategic II: 2% ~ 10,000,000 DROPP
  • Seed Round: 5% ~ 25,000,000 DROPP
  • Private Round: 5% ~ 25,000,000 DROPP
  • Public Sale: 4% ~ 20,000,000 DROPP

Team: 23% ~ 115,000,000 DROPP

Others: 23% ~ 115,000,000 DROPP:

  • Treasury: 10% ~ 50,000,000 DROPP
  • Liquidity: 7% ~ 35,000,000 DROPP
  • Marketing: 4% ~ 20,000,000 DROPP
  • Advisory: 2% ~ 10,000,000 DROPP

Token Sale

Token Release Schedule

Token Use Case

  • DROPP Transaction FEE
  • Each NFT creator also obtains royalties from the sale of their work in the future, and these royalties may be paid in $DROPP
  • DROPP STAKING: Users may stake $DROPP on plots in order to get upgraded to higher tiers. Staking would unlock certain premium features allowing users additional opportunities to offer additional services for the public and earn $DROPP rewards from these (e.g. charging access fee).
  • DROPP peer-to-peer transactions: Users will be able to enter into a variety of peer-to-peer transactions and earn $DROPP fees from these activities, such as releasing NFT collections, charging fees for cooperation with brands, sale of digital Lands/Plots, sale of buildings, sale of models/pre-requisites for the construction of buildings and development of plots, offering special access to buildings, plots, NFT (without having NFT as a key or without GPS location, or selling advertising space in the virtual and real world (AR).


Team & Partners


Outstanding Backers such as Three Arrows Capital, Alameda Research, Spartan, e.t.c.


To summarize, DROPP is building-based minting, Land, and AR, developed with usable NFTs and has enormous potential in terms of technology and business infrastructure when compared to other existing blockchains. DROPP currently runs on the Solana network, but plans to extend its functionality to work across multiple chains.

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