Avalanche Weekly Recap| Apr 18 – Apr 24, 2022

This week, TVL has grown significantly in comparison to the previous week. Transactions were quite inactive during the bear market. However, the initiatives continue to make substantial progress.

Network Growth

Daily Transactions

From April 18 to April 24, the Avalanche chain had an average daily transactions volume of 820,163 transactions. Since the previous week, it has fallen by 4.7% (859,772). At the peak of the data on April 20, the figure was 846,603. And the lowest was on April 18, with 802,335 transactions. Users were severely restricted in their transactions at a critical period last week.

Unique Addresses

There are an average of 2,556,620 unique addresses this week. Last week, there were 2,504,345 addresses, indicating a 2.0% rise. This represents a consistent increase in the rate of growth over time.

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Active addresses

Over the preceding seven days, the daily active address count has remained consistent at 89,928 addresses, an increase from 89,944 addresses the prior week (-0.2%). When compared to the previous week, the index did not show any notable changes. The 24th of April is the busiest day in terms of addresses (95,859 addresses).

Total Value Locked

When compared to other platforms, the Total value locked has seen a large growth in the previous week. It went from 14.09 billion to 16.52 billion (+16.21%). Best ranking among the top five ecosystems. Aave Protocol V3 brings groundbreaking new features to attract users and there has been a significant TVL increase.

Highlight Events

The DFK Subnet surpassed 4M transactions

The DFK Subnet surpassed 4M transactions and $360M market cap in just over a month. Check out how DefiKingdoms is able to achieve high-performance using Avalanche Subnets.

More details here.

Avalanche Foundation Makes an Investment in Yeti Finance

The Avalanche Foundation’s investment in Yeti Finance demonstrates Avalanche’s confidence in and support for the project. Yeti Finance’s objective of becoming DeFi’s top borrowing protocol will be supported by Avalanche’s strategic guidance, counsel, and support.

More details here.

Lydia Finance NFT Staking is coming next Wednesday, April 27th

You will be able to create a profile by entering a nickname and using an AVAX Lion NFT.

More details here.

Crabada launches on Swimmer Testnet

A total of 80K Crabada have been minted on Swimmer testnet. Each wallet that sends in a request for Crabada will be airdropped 9 Crabada to begin testing with.

Step-by-step Guide: https://docs.swimmer.network/user-docs/alpha-test-swimmer

More details here.

MEXC Global to List Degis

The deposit and withdrawal of $DEG open at 12:00 (UTC) on April 25th. The trading pair of DEG/USDT opens at 12:00 (UTC) on April 27th. Yield Mining of $DEG is available until 16:00 (UTC) on April 28th

More details here.

Penguin Finance’s The Emperor Royale is now LIVE

Emperor Royale is the first real-time PvP blockchain game on Avalanche. The goal of the game is to accumulate time on the throne by stealing the crown from other contestants. There’s a constant back-and-forth battle between who holds the crown, so being active will help you climb the rankings.

More details here.

Heroes of NFT starts collecting applications for testnet

You can try out our new NFTs and the idle game on this testnet. The team is planning to include up to 100 community members in the tests.

  • You will be able to mint NFTs with new designs and you will see our new designs on fujitestnet
  • You will learn how to use the new marketplace of HON on fujitestnet
  • You will be able to experience the idle game before anyone else on fujitestnet


  • At the end of the tests, you will have the right to claim 2500 HRM tokens which is enough to level up 5 cards up to 6 levels. (On TGE Date)
  • There will be 100000 HON Tokens as a reward pool. That amount of HON Tokens will be distributed among the members of the test group.

Bonus: A draw will be made and four Tier 4 lands will be distributed to lucky winners

More details here.

Trader joe is Introducing – JOEPEGS NFT Marketplace

LaunchPEG: The FIRST EVER Dutch Auction NFT Launchpad.

More details here.

ElkRush campaign on Avalanche

Elk Finance launches a collaborative campaign with projects on Avalanche, sharing over $150K in farming incentives.

The Elk Rush initiative aims to increase awareness of the blockchains, and projects, that Elk and ElkNet support, in addition to providing a means of value transfer between all of the supported networks.

More details here.

Kalao Citadel’s Shops and Slots will be purchased

The Kalao Citadel is a persistent place for players to meet, chat via text and voice, explore NFT galleries and interact with their favourite Avalanche protocols. It’s the perfect location to have community (or private) events, showcase NFTs or just socialize with fellow Avalanche friends.

Shops and slots will provide you with the first opportunity to own a part of the Kalao metaverse. Both will be linked to an NFT, allowing you to trade them on our marketplace.

More details here.

Spotlight Projects

Top Gainers and Losers

Trader Joe

The VeJOE wars are raging, and many protocols are trying to gain as many veJOE votes as they can by bribing veJOE Stakers: that is, selling their own native token in return for their veJOE voting power in exchange for veJOE voting power. veJOE stakeholders will be able to vote on whether or not they want additional JOE incentives allocated to their farm once gauges are in place.

More details here.

Snail Trail

Snail Trail is a unique kind of racing game, requiring strategic thought and planning in addition to the enjoyment of collecting NFTs. It is the first NFT-based racing game on Avalanche Network, in which each snail has inherent aesthetic features that distinguish it from other snails, while also including other factors that determine a snail’s racing ability. Acquire your own unique snail, participate in races, breed other snails, and earn SLIME.

IDO on Avalaunch Recap

  • Total SLIME for sale: 18M
  • Price: $.066
  • Size: $1,188,000
  • Vesting — 25% at TGE, monthly vesting over 6 months

More details here.

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