What is Popop World ($POP)? The Innovative Revolution of Gamefi And SocialFi in 2021

Popop World is the first Play-to-Earn casual game playground from the Polygon chain. It was designed in the crisis of the Covid-19 Pandemic, which catapulted the NFT games to groundbreaking. The initiatives demonstrated to gamers an effortless way to earn consistently while playing their favorite games. NFT gaming's value in the gaming world has increased to the point where it is worth millions in Cryptocurrency. Additionally, it is the most interesting choice of the individual, as users may enjoy a dual life of leisure and work hours, with the only difference being that they no longer have to sweat it out working.

What is Popop World?

Popop World exists to be the world's first blockchain platform that incorporates "Play to earn" mini-games. It officially launched a new Game-Fi platform, which includes NFT, and appears positioned to capitalize on global trends.

The project's objective is to investigate an evolutionary path for transitioning the conventional Play-to-Earn GameFi mode into a global casual gaming content sharing community platform (SocialFi), where gamers, developers, and artists can engage in self-government and benefit from the platform.

Besides that, Popop World also combines the benefits of non-fungible tokens (NFT) and decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) governance, establishing a new economic and business model for casual game-integrated Dapps and expanding the creation and governance of casual game content, thereby adding value to the entire virtual world and blockchain economy.

Business Model

Players can choose their favorite mini-games to play alone or compete against other casual game enthusiasts from across the world, competing for Popop World contribution worth and even the rare and coveted Popman NFT.

The user can obtain "Popman NFT" by winning it or purchasing it with Popop tokens. The Popman NFT is divided into five distinct levels, each of which offers a unique value bonus. Popman NFT not only boosts the player's money but also expands the player's game options.

Outstanding Features

What is the project trying to achieve?

With its decentralized autonomous organization, dubbed the DAO Autonomous Committee, Popop World aspires to become a game platform that genuinely belongs to its participants. It has the potential to eventually take over the majority of the game's decision-making skills. The Autonomous Committee of the DAO will be a critical component of the game's environment. Our ultimate goal is to establish Popop World SocialFi, a self-sustaining worldwide casual gaming content sharing community comprised of game creators, players, and enthusiasts.

Popop World's mission is to develop into a community for sharing casual game content generated by players, developers, and artists. Based on the massive community of Popop World, it will invite game developers and artists from across the world to collaborate on games and non-fiction titles and share revenue generated by content creation via the Popop World development and content creation platform.

The DAO Autonomous Committee serves as a conduit for communication between community members and content developers in Popop World SocialFi. The DAO Autonomous Committee will vote on a regular basis to pick the most popular original casual games and original NFTs for the game area and NFT mall, as well as the revenue sharing percentages. Creators can split the value of their contributions to the game and the proceeds from NFT sales.

What is the selling point?

Game mode

  • Currently, the game offers eight-player battles and an adventurous mode. Each mini-game can be utilized independently to satisfy the user's desire for a variety of gaming experiences
  • A single game lasts 1-2 minutes, is fragmented, brief, and rapid; the fragmented time is completely locked, significantly increasing startup and opening frequency;
  • The game types include a variety of gameplay modes, including hand-to-hand speed, eye-to-eye, and strategy, which cater to the diverse needs of various groups of players.
  • Players earn EXP by winning battles and hitting key milestones in the game. EXP and POP tokens can be swapped in-game at a dynamic exchange rate that is determined in real-time based on the ratio of total contribution value to POP token output per unit time

In-game EXP reward rules

Single-player mode EXP Multiplayer Mode EXP Daily mission EXP reward EXP
1 star 10 1st Pace 30 Single 10 rounds 100
2 stars 20 2nd Place 26 Single 30 rounds 200
3 stars 30 3rd Place

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