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An independent blockchain running its own network with its own technology and protocol.

What Is a Mainnet?

A mainnet is an independent blockchain running its own network with its own technology and protocol.

It is a live blockchain where its own cryptocurrencies or tokens are in use, as compared to a testnet or projects running on top of other popular networks such as Ethereum.

Programmers use testnet to troubleshoot and trial any new features on a blockchain.

So, the main difference between testnets and mainnets is that the former is a blockchain project that is in progress, while the latter involves a completely developed blockchain.

A few crucial steps may take place before the mainnet stage.

These can include a token sale, giving a product the funding to produce and test features.

Once this phase is successfully implemented, the mainnet stage is usually rolled out.

This would represent that the blockchain is fully up and running.

Several blockchain startups opted to use their own tokens pegged to the Ethereum network.

These were ERC-20 tokens which are intended to be used solely on Ethereum’s platform.

Upon completion of the ICO, the mainnet will be released.

This normally will be represented with a native token rather than the ERC-20.

The next stage in the process is known as mainnet swap.

This involves a swap between the ERC-20 tokens in return for the new coins on the blockchain.

Once the mainnet swap is completed, the new coins will normally be destroyed.

This is to ensure rather than old coins, only the new coins will be used.

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