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Pirate Chain Price Chart Update [ARRR]

Pirate Chain Price Update Today

The ARRR price update as of now is $0.2337. In the previous 24 hours, its trading volume was $88,292, and its value has increased by 2.81%. As of now, ARRR's live market cap is $45,860,486, and it is ranked as the #862 on the Coincu. ARRR has a circulating supply of 200,000,000 and a maximum supply of 200,000,000.

About Pirate Chain

What is Pirate Chain (ARRR)? Pirate Chain (ARRR) is a cryptocurrency launched in 2018 with the goal of becoming the leading option for users around the world who prioritize security and privacy. The project places a high emphasis on protecting financial privacy, achieved through the use of a highly robust information security protocol. Pirate Chain is built on the Komodo blockchain platform and was developed by the Komodo team, forking from ZCash to inherit the security features while providing an even higher level of anonymity. The primary objective of Pirate Chain is to safeguard privacy and security by preventing user traceability, including transaction addresses, amounts, account balances, and transaction history. Pirate Chain Highlights Utilizing Independent Technology Pirate Chain utilizes a Delayed Proof of Work (dPow) consensus mechanism, making it highly resistant to 51% attacks. Ensuring Personal Transactions Pirate Chain enables private transactions, establishing itself as the largest protected Funds Pool among projects utilizing zk-SNARKS. Future-Ready Storage Wallet Pirate Chain has implemented the Sapling upgrade, paving the way for lightweight storage wallets, mobile wallets, and point of sale (POS) functionality. Ecommerce Integration The development team has created various tools to seamlessly integrate Pirate Chain into online stores. Pirate OS Pirate OS enhances security by providing USB plug-and-play functionality. This additional layer of security protects wallet operations from potential vulnerabilities in the underlying operating system (e.g., Windows, Linux). Pirate OS further safeguards users through default VPN and Tor integration, maximizing security, particularly when utilizing hosted wallets. Notable security mechanisms of Pirate OS include: - Spoofing MAC (Media Access Control) Addresses to Enhance Anonymity on Local Networks - Promoting Encryption to Prevent Unauthorized Access to Cold Wallet Assets - Anonymizing IP Addresses through VPN and Tor Compatibility Pirate Chain Roadmap for 2022 Pirate Chain has outlined its plans for 2022, which include: - Integration with Atomic DEX - Listing Tokens on New Exchanges - Upgrading to HALO 2 - Integration with Third-Party Wallets - Further Code Enhancements - Launching the Tor Website - Rebranding the Official Website - Expanding Store Integration through ARRRmada - Forging Partnerships with Privacy-Oriented Organizations - TikTok Marketing Initiatives - Release of the iOS Wallet on the App Store - Updating the Android Wallet - Adding New Features to the Treasure Chest Wallet - Updating the Whitepaper - Participating in Various Crypto/Privacy/Freedom/Technology-Related Events, such as Age Of Aquarius, The Greater Reset, Anarchapulco, Flote Fest, Guns N' Bitcoin, Hack Manhattan, PorcFest, and more.
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Pirate Chain Markets
# Exchange Pair Price Volume Mkt Share Recommend
1 MEXC Global ARRR/USDT $0.2337 $34,028 38.64%
2 Gate.io ARRR/USDT $0.2323 $14,086 16%
3 Gate.io ARRR/ETH $0.2348 $7,423 8.43%
4 TradeOgre ARRR/BTC $0.2325 $13,129 14.91%
5 TradeOgre ARRR/USDT $0.2343 $12,097 13.74%
6 CoinEx ARRR/USDT $0.2325 $4,296 4.88%
7 CoinEx ARRR/BTC $0.2333 $3,005 3.41%
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