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AXEL Price Chart Update [AXEL]

AXEL Price Update Today

The AXEL price update as of now is $0.08786. In the previous 24 hours, its trading volume was $2,857, and its value has decreased by -0.37%. As of now, AXEL's live market cap is $0, and it is ranked as the #8666 on the Coincu. AXEL has a circulating supply of 0 and a maximum supply of 0.

About AXEL

Welcome to AXEL

AXEL is an innovative tech company that prioritizes the utmost privacy and security. As technology advances, our ability to connect and interact with people around the world has transformed. However, beneath the surface, there are concerning realities that we cannot ignore.

Currently, a small number of mega-corporations control the majority of our digital platforms and marketplaces, and they have displayed a lack of regard for user rights. These corporations track and analyze your actions, invading your privacy and gaining access to every aspect of your life. But is this the only option? AXEL believes in a more promising digital future.

By harnessing the power of decentralized and distributed computing technology, AXEL aims to revolutionize trust in technology. We provide solutions that do not depend on a central authority. In the AXEL Network, each participant serves as an individual owner-operator of blockchain-backed Masternodes. This ensures that the AXEL ecosystem cannot be censored, while also offering flexibility for content creators and sharers and enabling self-governance. With AXEL, you regain control over your data and pave the way for an internet without gatekeepers, grifters, and thieves. Join the revolution now.

Discover the AXEL Network

AXEL has developed the AXEL Network to offer users the same level of functionality while respecting their right to privacy. The AXEL Network caters to:

  • Content Creators: Retain complete control over your content. Our Network utilizes 'content-addressable storage' rather than conventional location-based solutions. Each uploaded file receives a unique hash, preventing duplicate content across the Network. Furthermore, blockchain integration ensures that creators have immutable proof of ownership.
  • Developers: Utilize the AXEL Network to support your next groundbreaking application. Its decentralized and distributed design provides high levels of security, scalability, and performance. Whether you require bandwidth for app diagnostic transfers or aim to create a social media platform resistant to censorship, the AXEL Network is the solution.
  • Individuals tired of current applications: The tech marketplace is currently dominated by large technology corporations due to their extensive resources. However, the tide is turning. Scandals, privacy regulations, and increased consumer awareness have exposed these organizations' lack of concern for user interests. That's why companies like AXEL are creating privacy-focused alternatives to disrupt the status quo and revolutionize the sector.

Explore AXEL Technology

AXEL incorporates cutting-edge and exciting technologies into all our products and services. Our solutions prioritize performance, security, privacy, and user experience.

Experience AXEL Applications

AXEL Go is designed to provide a simple and intuitive user experience for individuals of all technical backgrounds. It offers innovative features, including:

  • Secure Fetch: This feature acts as a digital courier, enabling users to securely request files from anyone using secure links. Recipients can click on the link and upload the required documents, notifying the sender when they are ready for download. The recipients do not need AXEL Go accounts, ensuring flexibility and seamless integration into existing file-sharing workflows.
  • Digital Shredding: The AXEL Go server nodes are decentralized, reducing the potential attack surface for malicious entities. We implement a process called 'digital shredding,' where files sent via AXEL Go are divided into small parts and distributed among our scattered servers. This means that even if a server is compromised, hackers will not gain access to the entire file, adding an extra layer of security.
  • Private Share: AXEL Go enables you to remain in control of the information you share. The Private Share feature allows you to input a specific email address for your secure share link, ensuring that it reaches only the intended recipients.

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