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BinaryX Price Chart Update [BNX]

BinaryX Price Update Today

The BNX price update as of now is $0.7014. In the previous 24 hours, its trading volume was $113,951,424, and its value has increased by 3.80%. As of now, BNX's live market cap is $4,426,109, and it is ranked as the #1124 on the Coincu. BNX has a circulating supply of 6,310,151 and a maximum supply of 6,310,151.

About BinaryX

Introducing BinaryX Coin (BNX) BinaryX is a game on the Binance Smart Chain that allows players to earn rewards while having fun. Developed by the BinaryX team, this play-to-earn game enables players to create characters, collect rare equipment, and take on challenging dungeons. The ultimate objective is to defeat the final boss, known as the Cyber Dragon, in order to earn rewards from the dragon's treasure house.   BNX functions as the management token for the Cyber Dragon game. By holding BNX tokens, players have the opportunity to engage in community management activities and participate in important voting processes related to the game. Various game operations, including creating heroes, crafting rare equipment, and challenging the Cyber Dragon's dungeon, require the possession of BNX tokens. The Cyber Dragon game operates on the Binance Smart Chain, providing players with the opportunity to create characters, battle replicas, and acquire rare items. BNX token holders have the privilege of participating in community management and voting on critical gaming decisions. Furthermore, BNX token holders can receive regular gold airdrops. What Makes BinaryX (BNX) Unique? BinaryX (BNX) stands out from the crowd by offering a game that has low entry barriers, simple vocabulary, and diverse game scenarios that enable players to earn valuable in-game assets. The BinaryX team aims to attract more players by providing an accessible and rewarding gaming experience. Within the game, players can create characters that can level up using gold, the native currency. Gold can be obtained through daily mining activities or by completing dungeon adventures. Leveling up a character enhances their abilities, such as mining speed and combat power, while keeping their basic attributes unchanged. Moreover, the game offers specific challenges and high-level jobs that are unlocked only when a player reaches a certain level. Players have the option to choose from five character classes: - Rogue: This class boasts exceptional agility growth and excels at evading damage. They also have the ability to steal equipment for the team and acquire gold. - Knight: Known for their aura-type skills, Knights provide bonuses to other team members. Although they may not possess exceptional combat effectiveness, their aura skills are exceptionally powerful. - Warrior: This class serves as a protector and possesses the highest strength and constitution growth. They excel at protecting their teammates through abilities like taunting and guarding. - Ranger: Rangers specialize in using a bow and are skilled at helping the team avoid traps. - Mage: Mages possess the highest growth in spirit and intelligence. They can debuff enemies, utilize staff and robes, and enhance the team's combat capabilities. However, they are unable to use shields or armor. Mages also have the ability to create magic equipment. Explore more about BinaryX (BNX) here
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BinaryX Markets
# Exchange Pair Price Volume Mkt Share Recommend
1 Pancakeswap V3 (BSC) USDT/BNX $0.7014 $33,160,049 29.17%
2 Pancakeswap V3 (BSC) BNX/USDT $0.7015 $32,639,918 28.72%
3 Pancakeswap USDT/BNX $0.7014 $24,118,970 21.22%
4 Pancakeswap BNX/USDT $0.7013 $23,745,299 20.89%
5 BitMart BNX/USDT $0.7786 $5,601,999 4.93%
6 Bitget BNX/USDT $0.7841 $3,628,466 3.19%
7 BNX/USDT $0.7864 $408,188 0.36%
8 BNX/TRY $0.8052 $11,502 0.01%
9 BingX BNX/USDT $0.7807 $2,426,822 2.14%
10 Bitrue BNX/USDT $0.7830 $1,508,395 1.33%
11 XT.COM BNX/USDT $0.7823 $337,304 0.3%
12 BYDFi BNX/USDT $0.7830 $262,439 0.23%
13 CoinW BNX/USDT $0.7749 $173,132 0.15%
14 BNX/USDT $0.7777 $18,574 0.02%
15 CoinEx BNX/USDT $0.7851 $16,630 0.01%
16 Mudrex BNX/USDT $0.7891 $4,404 0%
17 Indodax BNX/IDR $76.60 $1,561 0%
18 WazirX BNX/USDT $0.6860 $595 0%
19 BNX/BTC $0.7596 $120 0%
20 HitBTC BNX/USD $0.7652 $15 0%
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